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Hi, my name is Elle
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By lyndsayviveiros Send DollMail
Created: 2013-12-19 23:08:10 All stories by lyndsayviveiros
To understand why we all became as close as sisters you have to understand the school we went to. Westminster Boarding School or as we liked to call it WMB. WMB made it their goal to specialize in whatever its clients needed it to. One year the school hired the two top biologists in the country because one of their student's parents needed his son to have a biology background. Crazy I know. Before I continue I should probably introduce myself and tell you a bit of my story.

My name is Elle Leznupar. I'm at WMB because i have a "gift" or that's what my Father likes to call it. I can paint. My Father discovered my talent when i was young and put me in as many art classes as he could and with the amount of money my father makes, it was a lot. I was forced into private art institutions at a young age and into university programs before i was a teen. My talents took the world by storm and before long I was paying for my own top of the line supplies and teaching classes to people way older then me. My dad made my career happen and then he decided i needed to take a break and come to WMB so he made that happen as well. Of course it wasn't difficult, WMB is always looking for new famous clientele to add to their hall of fame. I was given my own studio and asked to teach one class a semester for students who were interested, of course for a small fortune. Some of the best painters in the world come here and work with me one on one to build my technique.

Each of my best friends is here for a different reason but we all have something in common and that's what brings us together, that is why we are so close. We all have something way beyond ourselves looming outside the walls of WMB and we are all terrified. Our fear encompasses our lives. We each ignore our own fears by helping the others overcome their own, none of us are ever willing to admit that but we all know it's true in our hearts.

I owe these girls everything I am and no amount of money, no one of a kind masterpiece will ever be enough to thank these girls. Every summer we have to leave each other for 3 months and go back to our lives, the lives we are forced into but are secretly running from. We stay in touch constantly until we are back together again at school.


Summer had dragged on long enough I thought to myself as I stepped outside into the courtyard. The pink roses were in full bloom and the gardner Albert worked through his sun glasses to cut off the dead heads. I stood on the steps and tilted my chin upward and closed my eyes. The warmth touched my skin and the light breeze pushed my hair back behind my shoulders. I stood in the silence for what seemed like minutes, this was what I missed about WMB the most being able to just stand outside alone. No one talked to me at WMB because they all assumed I was getting "ideas" or being "inspired" for another painting when really I just needed to get away from just that, from painting.

"Beautiful day ain't it Miss. Elle"

I snapped open my eyes and levelled my head. Normally I would put on a nice big fake smile for anyone who needed to see one but Albert had been with our family for long enough to know that my trips to the courtyard were for anything but inspiration. I thought back to my high school years. Jordan Samis had just broken up with me after 1 year of dating and I found comfort in crying beside the fountain where no one could hear me over the water features. Albert had just walked out of the house.

"They're all lookin for you in the house there Miss Elle. I told dem you came on out here for inspiration for your next masterpiece. No one got to know, it will be out lil' secret"

Albert had walked over, given me a gentle side hug and started to hum a hymn we often sang in church. It was a song about how God took care of the broken hearted. From that moment on I knew this would be my new home away from home because here I could be myself and I didn't have to be Miss. Elle Leznupar the child prodigy.

I came back to the present. 4 years later and I was still finding refuge in an old cracked fountain and an old gardner who knew a thing or two about mending a weakened soul. I gave Albert a slight nod which he returned with a tip of his hat and I started my walk through the largest garden we had on our property. My father had built two "sheds" in two of our gardens. They weren't sheds at all but big glass studios for me to be able to look out and paint whatever i saw. I was home from WMB and the full effect of not being able to see my best friends was starting to get to me. I had started the countdown until i could go home, home to my sisters. I lifted my eyes back to the sky where a cloud was moving quickly in front of the sun. The cloud had a beautiful lining around it and i stopped in my tracks to admire it.

One thing I had been taught was to admire the small things in life, every detail nature has to offer because their is no greater perfection in the world then things untouched by man. My artist's eye was trained for these moments. My eyes lingered a little longer before I felt a gentle rumble from my phone. I pulled it out and opened a text message from Mya.

*Hey Girl, I was thinking about you today. I miss you a lot but I am counting down the days. My father is so nicely giving me the weekend off. . . for once. Hopefully I can take a break from training. Hope you are doing well girlie. Be inspired! xox Mya*

I let out a gentle laugh under my breath and quick fired off a reply telling her how much I missed her too and that I had a huge countdown going in my room. I reread her text message and looked back up at the sky. The cloud had moved on from the sun and my moment was over. I was tired of being at home and you could see it in my paintings. I walked back to one of the "sheds" and grabbed some brushes and paint. Mya had sent me a picture with the text and when i opened it i couldn't help but stare. It was a beautiful cherry blossom tree that Mya was clearly sitting under at the time she took the picture. I decided that would be my latest painting. It would probably only take a couple of days and then i would need a new thing to paint but for now it did the trick. I uploaded the picture onto the computer in the shed then projected the image onto the wall in front of my easel. It normally doesn't take long to do the under painting to outline shading and boundaries but my mind is else where today and i can't focus.

"Elle, are you in here?"

I hear my father's voice at the door. Setting my brush down and closing the projector i walk around the corner to see him standing in the doorway. He never fully comes in unless i invite him in. "It's your space El, I want you to be free to do whatever you need to do."

"Hey Dad, What are you doing out here?"

"I just got of the phone with Dr. Nester and he has an art show lined up for you in about two weeks. He wants a new line of paintings by then. I told him I would call him back after I asked you about it. What do you say hun? I know it isn't a lot of time but there are some big names that are going to be in attendance and i figured it would be more networking."

It is hard to believe that my dad thinks I need to do more networking. My paintings sell around the world for thousands and it seems that everyone who knows anything about art knows who I am. I keep these thoughts to myself. And before I can respond my dad starts talking again.

"It's for a charity and Dr. Nester thinks it will look good if you paint one for them and then sell the rest of your painting giving 5% of each one to the charity. This show is different you are allowed to pick the theme of your paintings and they will plan the whole evening around whatever theme you pick."

"Sure dad, call Dr. Nester back and tell him I will start right away."

My dad seems shocked. He probably thought it would take more convincing but lately I have been home sick and maybe this will be a good distraction. Instantly a theme pops into my head and the creative wheels begin to spin in my head. I turn to head back around the corner to turn the projector back on. I pull out my phone and send a quick text to Cindy.

*Hey beautiful! I hope you are having a better week then me! Dad just sprung an art show on me for two weeks from now. I said yes because I am so bored out of my brain without all of you girls! Hoping you can help me out. Send me a picture of one of your designs outside your "castle" in nature. Thanks love you! Miss you!* I half listen to my dad as he makes one last comment on his way out.

"Thanks hunny! I will go give him a call! He suggested painting about 10 paintings if you can! No pressure! Love you sweetie!"

10 paintings, its perfect.

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