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Hi, my name is Ashley
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By Caseyyx3 Send DollMail
Created: 2007-10-10 16:30:56 All stories by Caseyyx3
Time passes slowly in the hospital. It seems more like five years than five weeks before Ashley is sitting in a wheelchair, a backpack in her lap, leaving the place for good.

"You ready for this, honey?" Carlotta, one of her favorite nurses, holds the back of the wheelchair, pushing her out of the sick and into the world of the living. Her brown eyes are full of tears, she's so proud of everything Ashley's done. Almost like a second mother. The lobby doors shut behind them, and she squints in the newfound brightness. Leah has brought the car straight out front, so she wouldn't have to wheel herself across the parking lot. The baby-blue minivan has had the two back seats taken out so Ashley's wheelchair can fit.

Suddenly the car seems bigger, and so does what Ashley is about to do. She's stepping from what was once the unknown and now the safe, to the once safe and now unknown. She had no idea what is going to happpen once her friends from school see her. They all know the strong, beautiful, sweet Ashley. They don't know the new, invalid, paralyzed Ashley. She hoped they'd still like her. The pavement and buildings surrounding the hospital gave way to the forests and quaint streets that are her town.

As they passed it, she tried not to look. But curiousity overcomes her, and when they passed the site of the accident, Ashley turned her head to see the place where her life changed. There's a picture of Ness, blown up, her eyes aparkling and her face alight in the beauty of her life. Small candles flickered, there were also some stuffed animals, pictures and notes. It hurt her to look, so Ashley turned her head away and pretended she never saw. But Ness's face still haunted her, even as they turned up into their driveway and she saw all the people standing on her lawn.

Leah helped Ashley out of the car, and she chose to make her way through the crowd on her crutches. Everyone was smiling and holding handmade signs and banners. There was a table set up with snacks and drinks for the wellwishers, covered in blue and purple, Ashley's favorite colors. Her eyes welled up, she was so happy that everyone still liked her.

"Ash! Chorus just isn't the same without you!" Margo Pederson hugged her tight. She and Margo were both sopranos in the school chorus and, even though Margo was only a freshman, they'd gotten to know each other quite well. She was wearing her signature ripped jeans, and her brown hair bounced with each movement. Margo was one of the half-populars, ones who had potential but were too young to be considered true populars. But she was fun and crazy, and had the best jokes around.

"My god Ash, you still look great! Being paralyzed totally agrees with you!" Jordan Walker slapped her on the back, and she grimaced in pain and happiness. Vanessa had introduced her to Jordan because they took dance class together. She was a beautiful ballerina, an amazing jazz dancer, and the star of the softball team. Her first base skills won her MVP two years in a row. With her dirty blonde hair, and different colored eyes, Jordan wasn't as in with the popular crowd, but as Ash thought back, she might have been at the party. "That party kicked butt didn't it?" Yea, she was. Ashley's memories were still a little fuzzy, but slowly growing clearer.

"Guys! Guys! Let's let Ash through!" Leah smiled, and cut a path through the people for her daughter to follow. Ashley smiled and waved and hopped along, but as she scanned the crowd, the one person she wanted to see didn't appear. Todd wasn't there. And although she grinned, behind her smile was a breaking heart.

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Posted On: June 28, 2008
Please read my story The Ultimate Year Book!

Then doll mail sarahco777 that you would like to win her writing contest!

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Posted On: October 12, 2007


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Posted On: October 12, 2007
i still luv it!

Tanks a Bunches!


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Posted On: October 10, 2007
Awwh, thats so sad.

he's a jerk.

Continue soon please :]

Lake Saint Louis, MO
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Posted On: October 10, 2007

Keep me updated!!

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