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Hi, my name is Karen
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Created: 2005-07-28 20:27:16 All stories by
-sometimes life is too much to bear. wit all the challenges thrown at us n the ppl we meet n the crap i've seen i jus cant take it n i use my words to get it out. so, i ask you to not be scared of wat im writin...

sometimes, i like the pain.

its the only thing,

that let's me kno this is real.

its the only thing,

that brings me back to life.

i live wit the pain,

because its all i kno.

it doesn't hurt me,

or make my cry,

to wake up every morning,

and feeling like i'm dying.

its all i have left.

i struggle just to feel the pain.

without it, i have nothing.

don't try to help me.

don't find a cure for me.

let me live like i have for so long.

let me live to suffer.

this pain and suffering is my life.

pain doesn't hurt,

when you've lived it all your life.

this is my life,

this is my pain,

this is my suffering,

this is all i have


-December 1, 2004

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