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Hi, my name is Jess
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OutKast...? [prt3]

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By Crazd_Addict Send DollMail
Created: 2007-05-17 13:51:47 All stories by Crazd_Addict
Jessica's first day flew by.

She spent most of it thinking about Travis. He was just so...strange and mysterious.

When the bell had rung for 3rd period, he was nowhere in sight. It was almost like he disappeared into thin air.

He didn't show up for French class or for Gym, so Jess had to endure the rest of the day by herself. All the angry stares from Chantal and her little pack of followers. Hmph, one little 'accidental' punch in the face and suddenly you're on death row, she thought.

The last bell rang and she sprinted for her locker. There was no homework the first day, so she threw her books in, grabbed her backpack and headed for the door.

When she got home, no one was there. She was used to it though, since her mom didn't get off work 'til 6 and her brother recently moved half-way across the country (college). So there you go.

Jessica slipped off her shoes and ran up to her bedroom.

Jess loved her room. It was pretty big and its walls were painted deep purple. She also had this queen-sized canopy bed with sheets, covers and see-through drapes that matched her bedroom wall. But the best part about her room was the huge balcony she had that allowed her to see the beautiful landscape that was her backyard.

Jessica opened her balcony windows, letting the afternoon air in. She went over to her bed and petted her black Lab, Jake. He saw sprawled out on the end of her bed. He rolled over and Jess rubbed his belly, laughing.

"Silly dog," she smiled.

Jake got up, stretched and headed for the door. His tail wagging happily.

Jess layed down on her bed and yawned. She was really tired all of a sudden. Her eyelids were getting heavy and she couldn't fight it anymore. She closed her eyes and slowly drifted into a deep sleep...


Jess woke with a start.

She had had another dream about that boy, only this time his eyes were glowing red and he had razor sharp fangs...Ok, so it was more like a nightmare than a dream.

Jess looked over at her alarm clock. It read 2:26 AM.

Wow, I've been asleep for awhile, she thought.

She sat up in her bed and waited for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. When they did, she noticed a tall, shadowy figure standing in the corner of her room.

Its emerald eyes were glowing...with hunger.

Jess tried to scream for help, but her voice was caught in her throat and all that she could manage was a small whimper.

Seeing that she had woken, the figure slowly started towards her. Soon it was at the foot of her bed, and Jess got a good look at it. She gasped. The sudden intake of breath released her voice.


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Posted On: May 17, 2007
Read prts 1-2 to understanddd

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