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Hi, my name is Vivian
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Out of Reach(Prologue.)

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By tinker_bell7 Send DollMail
Created: 2008-06-28 15:43:55 All stories by tinker_bell7
Standing there in the middle of the street feeling the ground beneath me shake I wished that I could only breathe. As hard as I tried I couldnít. Feeling dazed and lost I wandered down the street as angry drivers shouted in my direction.

I didnít know where my feet were taking me, but wherever it was it must have been good for I wasnít stopping them. I could feel life filled eyes of the people burning through my now pale and marble like skin.

My eyes were now the eyes of death. No life, no love, just empty.

How did I end up here? I didnít even know.

What was wrong with me? I wished I could answer that too.

Looking up from the dark ground I carefully examined my surroundings. I was at the community pool, standing at the edge fully clothed and a mess. My hair was filled with dirt and twigs, my clothing tattered and torn, and my skinonce bruised now in perfect condition, and my soft neck pierced with two holes.

Standing there at the edge, one would think I was here for a bath. But why not take shower? No I needed proof that I was still human. I hoped that if I fell into the water I would drown, for I do not know how to swim. Water scared me as a child and still does.

Stepping one foot forward above the water, I spread my arms out and pretended to hold my breath. Feeling the ground before me disappear I crashed into the cold water and sank to the bottom.

Crossing my legs I sat on the stone floor, opened my eyes and my mouth and began to suck the water in, begging to choke. Instead of the taste of chlorine it was as if I was sucking up sand and my body simply coped with the water that should be filling my lungs. Nothing happened. The one time I begged for death it would not come.

Pushing my way to the top I held onto edge of the pool and began to spit out water. A few curses escaped my lips as it had hit me.

I was no longer human.

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Posted On: June 28, 2008
Sweet, thankies!

Cary, NC
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Posted On: June 28, 2008
amazingly excellante!

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Posted On: June 28, 2008
It's been a while since i posted, so i am a tad bit rusty.

PLease rate and comment. Thanks.
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