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Hi, my name is Miss Merry
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Once upon a time...

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By missmerrygirl Send DollMailSend EmailAIMYIM
Created: 2006-09-03 09:54:36 All stories by missmerrygirl
There was once a girl named Merry who had lived in happiness on The Doll Palace. She learned to love and be with all the most wondeful princes and princesses of the world. She started off as a lonely peasant but now she has joined the ranks of the popular princesses. In the palace, there were always people who wanted some company and so Merry began her way, ascending to fame, to be a companion of those who had just started on TDP.

One day, in a mid-summer morning, a dragon named Death started to sweep over TDP. People were collapsing everywhere on the floor, in misery and pain. This dragon breathed out flaming balls of terror and grief. Even the bravest of the princes could not defend their lovers against this horrible dragon.

Merry had seen the people crouching down with no one to help. She gave her hand to those she saw and lifted them up, so they could stand on their new feet. TDP was slowly returning back to their happiness but it was still a long way to go. It was hard, but with the help of everyone, all that had fell while the dragon lurked, learned to stand stronger and firmer. TDP was going to be better than ever.

Death did not leave immediately because he saw those who were immune to his balls of fire. He decided to visit the horrible witch named Confusion. Confusion hissed in her twisted ways, "Take thiss bottle of of confusion and sprinkle it over those who are helping others get up. Then, you may breathe on them your flaming balls of fire and they shall collapse and evil shall win." Confusion smiled wickedly and Death laughed along.

Death did not waste a minute as he sweeped back to TDP, sprinkling the strong soldiers with the Confusion's bottle and breathing on them. These people were still strong, but unable to realize what was right or wrong. Lies and jealousy and hate arose, creating more havoc than before. These people collapsed, destined to never rise.

Merry had been hiding at this moment, away from everything. When she came back after a week, she realized that everything was a mess. Oh how did she let things get out of control! She sweeped the rooms and the hallways, in search for Death. She was brimming with anger to see Death again.

She swooped up to the beast with her powers of love and bravery. The good of TDP was contained in her power as she created a shield against Death's confusion bottle and his flaming balls of fire.

With a powerful "BANG" with her gun to the Dragon's throat, the Dragon crashed to the floor, awaking everyone. Merry had slained the beast and won the victory, saving TDP from ever having Death come and haunt them.

Confusion ran away from her High Tower, lurking in the outerparts of The Doll Palace, planning to one day bring evil back. For now, TDP was truly happy. They all lived happily ever after, having parties and all the good times.

Merry had left TDP for a while, but it is said, she returns once a week to greet those that she loves. Yet inside, the secrets of others still remain. Merry is burdened with much, and with that, she is somthing more than what she once was when she started TDP.

Written by Merry (missmerrygirl)

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