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Hi, my name is Olcis
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Olcis agus an leanbh

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By jannabee666 Send DollMailVisit Website
Created: 2014-01-01 18:47:05 All stories by jannabee666
Olcis, loosely translated as "evil" in Irish, is a zombie mermaid who steals a human child and raises her as her own, (and gives her underwater breathing powers.) "Olcis agus an leanbh" translates to "Olcis and the child".

Olcis takes her new child around teaching her to do evil tasks. She tries to avoid her friends and family knowing about the kid, because she is human. Because of this she can't swim as fast as all the mermaids she's surrounded by.

Olcis decides to name the girl Dona, which translates in Irish to bad, poor, or low, which she thinks fits because she wants her child to be bad, and she's not as good as mermaids.

Will Olcis ever give the innocent child back? Will the kid ever learn about her past in her new life?

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