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Hi, my name is Jade
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Created: 2005-05-14 20:39:08 All stories by
If I knew you were going I would've done a lot more, but I didn't see until recently and now you've closed the door

I would've told you that I loved you and how I need you so, to keep my life going but

now you'll never know

You kept hanging out with bad people, you were easily slipping away

And it all ended, on this unfaithful day

For you went to a party and you drank and drank and drank

And you got into a car with some dirty s*kank

You turned the key in the ignition, put the pedal to the floor

You were going too fast, and now you're here no more

Why did you drink and drive? Didn't your mother tell you it was bad?

Didn't she tell you that if you did, it would make everyone so sad?

You killed yourself in that stupid car and now you're gone, you've gone too far

For I can't see your lovely smile or your beautiful face

I can't hear your wonderful voice, I can feel no more grace

After the funeral I took the long way home, I walked so slow I just wanted to be alone

Bad things were running through me head, I couldn't get you out of my mind

Well I thought this is the end, I'm so selfish so unkind

I took a knife into my room and slid it along my wrists, got out a photo of you and gave you a kiss

I laid there for hours, waiting to die

My friends is all I could think of and all I could do is cry

Oh my God! What have I done? I've left everyone!

I tried to sit up, tried to yell out to my mum

But I was to weak, it was to late

This is the end, this is my fate

I'm sorry mum, I'm sorry dad. Don't be sad, please don't be mad

My breathing got shorter as I held his picture tight, and laid there on my bed and died right there that night!


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