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Hi, my name is Clover
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Night School (part 2)

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By Fusion_Angel Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2008-10-31 20:06:28 All stories by Fusion_Angel
----part 2 of Night School----

Outside I only got a glimpse of how big this place was but's huge! Standing in the foyer staring at the long corridor, I felt like an idiot. Snapping myself out the trance I approach an old, woman at the office desk.

"Excuse me," I say in my good girl voice, "My name is Clover Lorant, I'm new and I can't find my first class..."

The woman smiled sweetly and clicked on her computer, "Oh yes Clover, I can see you are due in Room 3-203, homeroom.."

I winked slightly and she seemed to notice, "Just turn left down that corridor," she pointed, "First room on the right."

"Thanks." I reply, turning on my heel.

Way to go Clover, first day and you're already late. Now, along the corridor, okay...and I should be in here. Okay, deep breaths, nothing bad will happen...

I turn the door handle and am immediately stared at my dozens of pairs of eyes. Slowly I make my way to the teachers desk, not really knowing why.

"And you are?" he stared at me over his glasses.

"Clover Lorant, I'm new."

"Ha, a new girl!" I turned to see a girl with flowing black hair and dark eyes grinning at me. I didn't like the look of her.

"Right, Clover, you can sit beside...ah, Maria, Maria West."

Maria, looked up to me with bright green eyes and smiled. I made my way to the joined desk and sat down.

"Hi." she smiled, "As you, know I'm Maria."

I laughed, "Yeah, and you know I'm Clover."

Well, at least I've started to talk to someone, this is good. Though I'm a bit worried about that girl who dubbed me as a "new girl".

"Listen," Maria leaned in, "Ignore Stacey," she flipped her red hair towards the girl, "She finds a lot of stupid things funny."

"Hmm...." I looked at the floor, "So...what are you in first?"

"History!" she smiled, "It's great, how about you?"

"History too, am I in your class?"

"What class does it say on your sheet?"

I pulled out a pink flier from my pocket, "Um...class...G?"

"That's my class!"

The bell went, and Maria and I left for History class. Huh, I guess this won't be so bad after all...

----To be continued...----

This story is written by clarketz. Her name is now Kaorii. I rewrote this as an honor of her work.

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Posted On: November 15, 2010
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