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Hi, my name is Julia
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Never Again...Ending

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Created: 2005-07-07 23:04:59 All stories by
Months pass. Memories fade.

And now, here I sit, in a small cell. Gray seems to overtake the color of the passing visitors. No more happiness. No more life.

Ever since Casey died...I-I haven't been the same.

Mom found the body. She called the police...and I was tried with murder of my own brother. Mom wouldn't even look at me at the trials. She wouldn't even speak to me. Her own child...

Now, they say, I'm mad. Insane. Crazy. I guess it's because I hardly ever speak. And, when I do, I only say, "Casey. I'm so sorry. Casey...come back...," but that's all.

And they don't know that I'm not crazy. They don't know anything about me.

Nor will they ever.

The only person who ever seemed to understand me was Casey.

And now he's gone and will never again comfort me.

And I never even got the chance to say I'm sorry.

For, just a few days after his murder, I found out...Lauren had been drinking that night when she talked to me...all she told me was a lie.

And so ends my little tale of love, hate, insanity, and...


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Posted On: October 2, 2012
OMG! I LOVE this story!

All My Stories
Posted On: July 7, 2005
omg that is the best storie eva read mine youll like em i think 5*
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