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Hi, my name is Sandrah
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My foster brother

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Created: 2005-01-02 05:25:14 All stories by
hey there!i'm gonna tell you abt a boy who made me alive!ok,besides god...

there he laid on the hospital bed,

knowing that he's time was nearly up.

he was only 10 by then,

dying at that age is such a pity.

he's mom wouldn't give up on him however,

she took the truth worst than any other.

doctors said he had not much time.

not even a donor or an operation would help.

he was suffering from a disease my mom wouldn't bare to say.

not till i'm old enough,she said.

back to the story...

on a fateful thursday morning,

the doctors sadly anounced him dead.

his mom cried out aloud,

wondering why heaven did this to her.

taking away her everything,

her husband,her job and her only son.

few weeks later(b4 the funeral),

while she was going through her son's room,

she saw an envelope lying at the bedside table.

she took out a letter and it read:

"dear mom,

i know its hard for you to cope.

don't cry and mourn for me.

i'm aready here at heaven.

i'm well fed,clothed,and taken care of.

He allowed me to write one final letter to you and i really wanted to.

instead of keeping my room and my stuffs.

why don't give them to a poor child?

don't pick him/her up in the hospital or orphanage...

pick him/her up at the street.

they are far worst.

no shelter,scarce food and water.

i would like to have a sister or a brother.

take it as my final wish!

well,i've got to go now,

i wish you goodbye!

i'll be watching for you from Here

and take very good care of yourself!

xoxo Danniel."

a thoughtful letter from a late 10 yrs old was the last thing his mom could ever thought of,

she was left with tears

but wasting no time and

wishing to fulfil her son's final wish,

she went on the streets and found a poor,sickly,6 yr old girl.

she was on the verge of death.

but danniel's mom took her to get treated,

adopted her and gave her everything daniel ever owned.

they lived their life to their fullest and was happy and thankful.

well......... tt girl was me...but i juz wanna tell you,just how much i am thankful for my brother,danniel(i'm removing the foster),and how much i love him!!he saved my life!

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Flat Rock, MI
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Posted On: May 11, 2010
So Sweet...and sad ....
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