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Hi, my name is Jenny
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My Soldier

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By ShortShyOne89 Send DollMailSend EmailAIM
Created: 2006-05-30 09:37:26 All stories by ShortShyOne89
ok this was inspired by Travelin Soldier by Dixie Chicks so im gonna give them credit for the song since this story was built off it.

this takes place durrin the Vietnam war


My name is Jenny. i just turned 17 not too long ago and ive already had the kind of heartbreak many dont endure till their golden years. but lets go back the beginning when i was 16. I had finally gotten that job as a waitress id been wanting. i had a job bagging groceries but more guys my age go to cafe. It was probably my third week on the job when a saw an amazingly gorgeous guy who has just sat down dressed in an army uniform. He was sitting at one of my tables so i went quickly to him in hopes of a good tip. little did i know id get alot more than that.


so when i got to his table i caught my breath and slowly walked up. "can i get you anything sir?" i asked in my sweetest voice. he must have been in his own little world bc he seemed startled."uh yeah one cup of regular please" "no problem" i got his coffee and couldnt help but notice he was starring either off in to space or at a blank wall. i figured sumthin had to be wrong so as i walked up i smiled at him and he asked if i wasnt too busy if id mind talkin a bit. I told him id be off in a lil while and if hed wait i knew a good place thats real quiet and itd be easier to talk there. When my shift was over i was surprised to see he was outside on a bench. We had small talk on the way down to the beach then went to the pier and sat down. there was only one man there, a fisherman. We just talked about our lives, nothin too romantic just bout our selves. i learened his name was Randy Loftin and he had just turned 18. he enlisted as soon as he could bc his dad and grandpa had been in the service and he had always dreamed of being able to tell his children the same kind of stories hed heard as a youngin'. then came the part of our conversation ill remember for the rest of my life

Randy: so i bet youve got a boyfriend

me: well actually i-

Randy: but im gonna say this anyway its not like hell be able to do anything bout it

me: but i-

Randy: the other day i was talkin to some other soldiers and they all had pictures of girls they were gonna stay in touch with and the only girl ive got is my aunt Katherine and i was wondering if ud mind me writing to you"

me: u done now?

Randy: yeah so your answer now?

me: no i dont have boyfriend and no i wudnt mind id actually love to get letters from u

so thats how it began


the day he left was a blurr. all i cam remember was hugging him goodbye and crying. I do remember how happy i was when he was in the camp. i was glad he was still in California . Then Letters started getting further between. It was because he had gone Vietnam. Noone understood my feelings for him. They all told me that i couldnt handle something like this and i would be better off to meet a guy my own age. Sure i cried alot at times felt completely helpless but i knew id love him forever and no guy could ever take his place. Even tho he never actually said in his letters ill know he felt the same way. Most of his letters went somethin like this:

My Dearest Jenny,

I know it seems ive been here forever even tho it hasnt been very long. The truth is i was terrified when i first left but now these other men are like my brothers, the nurses are like my sisters and the general is my first real father figure. like a family even tho i love them and being able to see so many places in the world i still cant wait to get back home so i can start a new family with you. At times it can be really bad but then i just think about you and the day i met you and talking on the pier and it makes it all seem so small. when i close my eyes the first thing i see is you looking back at me and everything about you your eyes, your smile glowing with beauty. I dont want you to worry but itll be a while before you get a new letter. love you


The letters kept comming and that gave me hope. I knew as long as i was getting letters there was still a chance he was comming home


weeks kept going and our football team was better than ever. I got there a little late and i didnt see my friends so i went under the stands and while said the lords prayer and sung the anthem. i decided id just stay there until i could find them. Every other they read the names of the verterans there was just three or four but this time it was much longer. i had heard about a camp being attacked but i didnt really believe it as many rumors fly around this little town. then two words which were once the sweetest words id ever heard hit me like a ton of bricks "Randy Loftin." i cried. alot. people still say "i told ya so" but ill always think of him as my soldier

hope yall liked this series


Member Comments  

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: November 5, 2008
that was really good. lots of ppl write nothing but c.r.a.p on here

Wilkesboro, NC
All My Stories
Posted On: May 30, 2006
i support the president, i just like the song and its not like posted their political opinions, thnx for the input tho i really wanna make it clear that i only like the song i dont support their politcal beliefs and i really dont want to start a controversy

Twelve Corners, NY
All My Stories
Posted On: May 30, 2006
no offense, but the dixie chicks just currently said some disrespectful things about the president and I rell dont think it's right u put that on.

Wilkesboro, NC
All My Stories
Posted On: May 30, 2006
please rate & comment
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