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Hi, my name is Rubiana and Zorino
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My Red Haired Angel

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By SnugglyWugglySven Send DollMail
Created: 2006-08-31 18:24:05 All stories by SnugglyWugglySven
Midnight blanketed the Doll Palace in moonlit splendor. Sleep resonated throughout the palace as fairies, mermaids, demons, and even a few normal people made their nightly visits to Dreamland. All were within the quiet stone walls in bed. All, that is, except young Zorino.

There was many a time when this young fox boy would slink out of the palace after hours and simply sit on the grass, gazing at the heavens above. He needed to escape the pressures of life and let himself think every once in a while, since the Doll Palace was always busy during the daytime. New dolls arrived by the dozens everyday, with two dolls never looking alike. Zorino was no different; his purple fox tail and ears made him stand out, especially as a guy, and the red and black tattoo on his chest was unique to him alone. He was one of the best looking guy dolls, thus creating tension among several of the female dolls as to who they thought he would go out with.

As he sat in the grass on this starry night, fingering at a beautiful rose he happened to spot, this particular dilemma came to mind. "I want to find a girl who will treat me like a man,, not an object. Someday I want to find the woman that I can actually connect with, the one that will love me for me."

Suddenly, the stars began to twinkle with unprecedented ferocity. Zorino had to shield his eyes from the sudden brightness that ensued. It took a good minute to finally recede, and when the fox boy lowered his protecting hand, he was utterly awestruck.

In front of him stood the most charming girl Zorino had ever seen. She wore a burgundy dress with a vine pattern along with bold but quite likeable black highheels. But what captured the gaze of Zorino the most were her red wings and hair.

The newly arrived girl took a look at Zorino an made a remark the latter never expected a lady to make; "Hey, what's up with the tail?" She broke into a smile and waited for an answer.

"Well...what's up with your lacy clogs?" retorted Zorino meekly. The two stared at each other for a moment, and for some unknown reason, the girl broke out in laughter. Zorino decided to go along and join the chuckling. He noticed, however, that he had never seen her in the Doll Palace during his long stay there. As a matter of fact, she seemed completely opposite from the uptight, snobby girl dolls that always hounded him.

"I like you," cantered the red girl after regaining her composure. "Normally, any other man would have either gape like an idiot or run off with his tail between his legs, no pun intended. But you know how to be yourslf around a lady!" She gave another giggle and extended her hand towards Zorino. "The name's Rubiana, intermediate red angel, powered by the moon." They shared a friendly shake. "And you, what's your story?"

For a minute, the young fox was at a loss for words. "Well...I'm Zorino, and...I guess I'm a purple fox boy." He heard Rubiana try and hold back a giggle. "I live in the Doll Palace with the other dolls, and outside of that, there's nothing too interesting."

Rubiana plopped down beside him and stretched out on the grass. "The Doll Palace, huh? I've heard stories about that. They say that there are more dolls there than the number of stars in the sky. it's said that whoever lives there is treated like royalty, and that there are always contests, fashion shows, games, and even your own custom room when you stay there." She sighed heavily. "Yeah, what I wouldn't give for a room of my own."

Zorino, however, couldn't relate. "'re saying that you don't live in the Doll Palace?"

The red angel folded her hands behind her back and focused on the starry sky. "I wish I did. My mother was once a highly respected doll in that place. But then one day, she says her gut told her to leave and never come back. Eventually, she found my father, fell in love, and they had me. We've been nomadic since I can remember, and every year, we would fly to a different place. This year, our destination was close to the Doll Palace. Mother wouldn't hear of going back, so I came here with my father. That's how badly I wanted to see the palace."

Her words led Zorino into some deep musing. "That sounds familiar...One of my friends told me about a woman who suddenly left. They say that a guy doll dressed up as Harry Potter would always follow her around, and she gave up her high position just to escape." He turned to Rubiana, who was resting on the grass, and gazed into her scarlet eyes. "I'll help you get into the palace, no matter what it costs. There's no need to fear it; I'll protect you always. Every doll, big or small, deserves a chance to at least take a step into the Doll Palace."

Rubiana was ecstatic. She leapt up and threw her arms around Zorino, squealing in joy, and in her excitement, she playfully planted a small kiss on the fox boy's cheek. Then, in one swift, unexpected movement, Rubiana's red wings stretched to full span, and still clutching Zorino, she flew into the night sky, heading for the Doll Palace.

Using Rubaina's wings and Zorino's sense of direction, the two were finally within the palace walls. They had landed inside one of the glamorous dining halls, and even when lit by the moon alone, Rubiana was able to feel its majesty. Zorino planned to show her around the rest of the place before dawn, but suddenly, a voice was heard.

"Zorino, you troublesome fox," lashed a stern voice. From the shadows emerged one of the palae supervisors, Gandy Cain. He was ancient, or at least seemed so with his hair styled like Gandalf's, but for some peculiar reason, he wore a muscle shirt, swimtrunks, a few sets of "bling" and Van Helsing boots.

"I demand an answer; why have you brought an outsider?! For all we know, she could very well have come from another Site-adel, here to threaten the Doll Palace!"

Zorino hesitated. "You don't understand, Mr. Cain! S-she's a good person, and she might have some spunk, but that's what makes her different-"

"Do you know who I am, you old fart?" interrupted Rubiana. The fox boy's jaw dropped. "My mother, Vinya, was one of the palace supervisors, so I am a member of the Doll Palace by birthright." She ran her hand along the vine design on her dress. "Here's my proof."

Gandy was taken aback. "Well, I'll be...Vinya designed that dress herself...And the red hair and wings! Oh, I deeply apologize! I should have known better-"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm as tired as a dog. Can you get me a room next to Zorino's? We can talk all you want in the morning!" With that said, Rubiana yawned a huge, not particularly feminine yawn. Gandy rolled his eyes and left in search of accomodations, leaving her and Zorino alone in the dining hall.

"Rubiana..." began Zorino hesitantly, "I'm really glad I met you. I think you're the only girl I've ever met who is as independent and free-thinking as you."

"Oh, you little Purple Critter, you're too much," joked Rubiana. She put her arm around Zorino's shoulder, and the latter did the same.

As they walked together out of the dining room, Zorino decided to retaliate and affirmed, "Alright, if you get to call me Purple Critter, then I get to call you My Red Haired Angel."

"Fine by me!" chimed Rubiana, as she led Zorino out to help her share her lifelong dream.

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United Kingdom
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Posted On: September 22, 2006
great story it really was good i love to read on

All My Stories
Posted On: September 8, 2006
GREAT Story!!!
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