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Hi, my name is Jessica and Matt
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My Knight in Shining Armor

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Created: 2005-04-02 22:59:48 All stories by
My knight in shining armor

Where could he be?

He was here just a minute ago

He was here in my dreams,

He broke up with his girlfriend

Just so he could be with me,

He was holding my hand

Telling me how much I mean to him,

I was starring into his loving eyes

And falling deeper for him,

I was thinking that I wanted him to stay forever

To never leave my side,

I was thinking how much we are alike

I was thinking how special he is,

I was appreciating how lucky I am

I was appreciating him so much,

I was relishing the precious moments with him

I was remembering the first time he kissed me,

I was remembering the first time I saw him

I was remembering the first time we hugged,

I was loving it all and then

I woke up,

Only to find

That he was a dream,

For there I was

In my pajamas and all,

Sitting up in my bed

Starring at my purple room,

I sighed sadly

Wishing it was true,

But then I remembered

The famous line in every princess story,

Some day

My prince will come.

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