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Hi, my name is Mini & Cloe
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Mini's & Cloe's Best Friends Adventure INtro

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By andreraquan Send DollMail
Created: 2014-05-29 12:49:13 All stories by andreraquan
Mini (on the left) & Cloe (on the right) been best friends ever since preschool. There zest for shoes and fashion and big ambitions lead them to be best friends. This Story will be about how Mini & Cloe take on the challenges in school, outside of school, home and in life. See how Mini and Cloe became best friends and see how far the friendship go. Mini is a rock star fashion girl who wants to get in the music and movie business. She's smart, nice, kind, and takes every soot she get to be the next big thing. She is the oldest of two sets of twin brothers, that she loves and care so much she dont want nothing to happen to them. Cloe is a more of high class in fashion and shoes and makeup. She wishes to own her own Beauty store one day. She was vote out of all her year in school best dressed and most likely to brighten your day. She has a younger brother & sister. Cloe likes not being the only sibling. Even though she has a best friend but like sister.

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