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Hi, my name is Jesiah
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Midnight Eyes

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By ZuccheriGirati Send DollMailSend EmailICQAIMYIM
Created: 2006-08-30 13:58:11 All stories by ZuccheriGirati
Moonlight heightened the rose-blushed room and the entrancing pink stone of the Doll Palace. There was the lovely maiden, sweeping a fragile comb through her delicate strands of fairy-like red hair. The townspeople called her by the blooming name of Jesiah, although an angel would be the more suited name for her. Her cranberry colored dress draped over her legs and onto the shinging wooden floor of her bedroom, which was full of the most luxerious fabrics and rich satins tied onto her four-poster bed and window sills. The luminence of candles lightened her perfect midnight eyes, her servants called them; the most beautiful midnight eyes that twinkled in the dawning moon.


As Jesiah continued to brush her hair, a sweet noise comprised the room. She never heard of anything so deep, smooth, and beckoning. The comb dropped on the wooden floor and the voice continued:

"Me venir ma petite

rose délicate douce

m'Est Venue et habite

avec seulement me la petite rose"

It was calling to here to come and live with only the voice. Startled, Jesiah begin to pace across the room to find the source of this voice. It only repeated the poem only more bellowing and Jesiah was frantic in finding the voice.


Suddenly, a clap of thunder broke the noise of the voice and Jesiah's pacing feet. The rustic bronze window blew open from the rush of the howling wind scraping across the house and trees. She turned with the most frightened face and her scared and tearing midnight eyes and saw where the voice was coming from. From that moment, she wasn't alone in her room anymore. She was with that voice.


He was tall and his dark black cape blew in the winds as he stood on the window sill in front of the maiden. Dressed in a formal attire, his face was unkown to Jesiah for a mask as white as milk covered almost all of his face. And this man recited the poem again, only more soothing and almost like music. He stepped from the window sill to Jesiah and held her hands, calling her his delicate rose. His sleek black hair caught the reflection of the candle-light. And as they stood there, Jesiah's eyes entranced in his, she knew who he was. He was the Phantom.


"Come with me, my delicate little rose. You not belong here in this Doll Palace. I have a new life waiting for you, a life of more riches than what you obtain now. Come with me to my rose brushed lair so we can start a new life, just me and you. I have only watched you, brushing your whimsical hair, hearing your sweet voice sing. Your my angel, my rose, mine forever. Come away with me"

Jesiah was still too much startled and speechless. He was utmost handsome of all, but she still hadn't known his true colors. This could all be a trick of the mind, Jesiah thought. But without any time to catch her mind, he whisked her away in his arms and out in the sparkling rain. The Phantom sang to her in the rain as he carried her to his chariot or black and blood red roses. And they sat in the lush-velvet cushion as they rode down the crooked stone path to his lair. The Doll Palace minimizing in Jesiah's eyes as the horse trotted, scraping its hooves across the ground. Her midnight eyes were twinkling as she set agaze his.Two in the chariot with the romantic phantom and his delicate midnight eyes.


*based upon The Phantom of the Opera, with a Doll Palace twist

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Posted On: August 29, 2006
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