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Hi, my name is Cherry
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Created: 2007-02-15 23:59:10 All stories by
“You know, I think that this field trip will cap the others,” Cherry said, reading the bulletin board for the millionth time.

It was Tuesday, the day after the announcement about their yearly field trip. Everyone was still in high spirits about it – the science museum that they were going to was rumored to have illegal alien experimentation.

“After all, it cost around 80 bucks, so I mean, like, it should be better than the others,” she continued.

She was referring to one through fourth grade’s field trips, both boring and senile.

A voice startled her thoughts.

“Hey, what’s up dude?”

Cherry glared at her best friend for a few moments, as if to say, ‘How dare you interrupt me,’ then replied with a stern voice, “If I’ve told you once, I’ve told you a hundred times – DON’T CALL ME DUDE!!”

“Okay, whatever,” E.A.P. muttered.

Then he added to himself, “Dude.”

He was that sort of punk guy – Baggy black jeans, Navy blue hooded sweatshirt...

Cherry ignored him and started to reread the field trip’s brochure for the million and one time, just as the bell rang.

“Darn it!!” She said with a frustrated frown, and went off to pack up her homework.

Cherry was going over to E.A.P’s house that day to prepare for the trip. They always helped each other to make snacks and so forth when there was a field trip coming up – E.A.P. had the ingredients at home, but didn’t have the ability to arrange them together. That was where Cherry came in.

Being a natural and experienced cooker from helping out at her mom’s restaurant at times, she could take nearly anything, mix them together, and make a delicious treat.

Nobody really knew how she did it.

That is, except for E.A.P. – He knew her secret.

It was genius, her idea was – but he trusted Cherry to come up with something like that.

After all, she was the smart one...

“Hey, E.A.P, hurry up!!” Cherry yelled over her shoulder, skipping to her favorite song – ‘My Happy Ending’ by Avril Lavigne.

They were taking a walk just as the sun was setting, a beautiful sight, planning to make the snacks that very next morning.

“Yeah, whatever dude,” he replied.

“Don’t call me dude!!” She said automatically, in a happy tone.

E.A.P. watched his friend, shaking his head.

At times like these, he thought to himself, ‘Why was she always so happy when there was nothing to be happy about?’

“Hurry up already!!” She giggled, still skipping to ‘My Happy Ending.’

E.A.P. smiled and ran to catch up with his friend.

It was such a wonderful, magical evening that even Cherry didn’t suspect that they were being watched.

As a matter of fact, they didn’t even have a clue.

BANG!! Something that resembled a bullet flew past E.A.P’s hair. He was running, running for his life...and why? He didn’t know. Another bullet...and another...suddenly he felt a piercing pain in his back. He fell down, down into the blackness...

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Posted On: February 20, 2007
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