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Hi, my name is Maggy and Flowers
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Story Rating   2.56  with 9 vote(s)
By petiesue Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-02 22:08:44 All stories by petiesue
Once upon time, it was a little girl. Her name wa Maggy. It was hot and she fed her puppy dinner. The puppy's name was Flowers. Flowers was pretty. Flowers ate yogurt.

Flowers lived in the Doll Palace. Maggy called it that becasue it was pink and white, and it was the right size for dolls. In fact, it was for dolls, but Flowers was so small, it fit her perfectly! When Flowers was inside the doll house she could fly, but Maggy didn't know that.

One day, Maggy was picking peaches from the tree, and saw in the window of the Doll Palace, and saw Flowers... flying!

"Oh my gosh!" Maggie cried. "He's flying!"

She opened the palace, and took Flowers out. Out of the house, he couldn't fly. Thats when she learned that the Doll Palace is a place full of secrets that no one understands... No one but Flowers, that is.

**Note to reader- this story was written by my 3 year old daughter and I... I was going to submit something longer, but I thought it was very precious, that she wanted to write a story too.

Member Comments  

Kaneohe, HI
All My Stories
Posted On: September 24, 2006
That was cute! You're daughter will soon become a writer. She's very bright.

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: September 6, 2006
oh. my. omigosh.

Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 4, 2006
*hope You win something

...don't know how I left that word out....>_>


Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 4, 2006
^_^ It's adorable. I think it's really sweet you let your daughter have her story in the contest in stead of submitting your own. I hope win something or at least get some aknowledgement for this.

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