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Hi, my name is Illydia
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Lyndorf School~chapter 1~

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Created: 2007-06-09 22:37:03 All stories by
Chapter One- The Beginning

Welcome to Lyndorf, my name is Illydia. I am sixteen and go to Lyndorf High. You may have never heard of Lyndorf before but now that you have, there’s no forgetting. See, in Lyndorf there are three very different groups: the Shyitees, the Rerendorfs, and the Myjirs. These groups have been around as long as I can remember. The legend goes that there was originally one group that was the Rerendorfs. But the group split into two, the Rerendorfs and the Myjirs.

They lived peacefully until one day a group of Myjirs attacked a Rerendorf church and held thirty of the people hostage. The eventually killed everyone that had been in that church. From that day on the Rerendorf people despised the Myjirs. Some of the Myjir people were tired of the criticism because they just wanted to live peacefully and so they created the Shyitees. Ever since the third split, the Myjirs and the Shyitees have been at war. The Myjirs and Rerendorfs have also been at war.

I myself am a Rerendorf, which is good because I don’t like Myjirs at all. I think they’re filthy pigs because of what they did to our people. Despite our hatred for one another, all the schools are integrated, to my dismay.

This story begins at school; it was just a regular day. I was in first period math, which I hated, and our teacher was a couple minutes late. My friends and I were chatting about the usual stuff, clothes and school. Maime spoke first,

“Ugh, I hope Mr. Krull won’t mind if I switch seats with Damin, I hate sitting next to that Shyitee kid!”

“Thanks for the comment,” Jeneli said, “I just love it when you guys make remarks about Shyitees!” Jeneli was a Shyitee. Even though she knows we don’t really mean it, she hates it when we make rude remarks about Shyitees.

“Come on, Maime was half-joking! Besides, we like you!” added Gewebaiy. Just as Jeneli was about to quip back, Mr. Krull came back in.

“Quiet class,” he started, “I have some announcements! First, everyone pull out last nights math homework!”

There was a rustling of papers and a chorus of zippers being unzipped and zipped back again before Mr. Krull could restart.

“ Second, we will not being switching seats today, that means you Damin and Maime! And last, we have a new student, Hulaerii!”

Suddenly the room burst into whispers as he said the boy’s name. Hulaerii was a traditional Myjir name. This class had always been Shyitees and Rerendorfs. The boy slowly walked into the room. As soon as I saw him, I didn’t care if he was Myjir, Shyitee or Rerendorf. He had slightly tanned skin with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that shown like the sun!

“Illydia, Illydia!! Are you still on this planet?” whispered Gewebaiy.

“Sure,” I replied, not even knowing what she said.

“If you’re still with us, what’s 3*6?” Gewebaiy asked.

“Stop the weird game, I’m listening to you!” I said, getting annoyed.

“Well, you had that glazed look in your eye so I wasn’t sure.”

“Quiet, NOW!” Mr. Krull yelled at the top of his lungs. “Now that I have your attention, Hulaerii is going to tell us about himself.” Hulaerii spoke so softly that even I in the front row could barely hear him.

“ My name is Hulaerii and I am-” BRRRRRRRING!!!!!! The bell went off and everyone dashed for the door. I lagged behind, looking for Hulaerii. I hadn’t spotted him yet when I suddenly saw him sitting at his desk, packing his stuff.

“Hi, my name is Illydia!” I told him, smiling like an idiot. He looked me over once then smirked a bit.


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