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Hi, my name is Bri
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Loves lost part 1

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By kv73 Send DollMailSend EmailYIM
Created: 2005-04-01 17:59:07 All stories by kv73
This is part one of my story

"HI Drew"Bri said "HI ummm....Whats your name again?"

"My name is Bri you meet me when we were like 8..." "Oh right im sorry.. Well bye uh Bri"

UH why cant he ever remeber me I sit right next to him aaaand talk to him almost daily. She thought as she walked down the hallway. She bumped into her best friend Karen"hey hun how are you this fine morning?" " I am completaly p.oed... He didnt remember me again uhhhhhhhhh I do everything posable but he still wont remember me!!!!!!" "ah well mabey we should bring in one of his friends for info on what he likes to do..." "Fine."

"ok David said that he likes video games,acting,and football." "OK then lets find out about video games so we can talk to him about that"

So the went to the game stop and talked to the guy behind the counter and he told them all about his favorite and least favorite games.

So she talked to to Drew all about video games. He still did not remember her. So her friend and her talked to david and he said " You have to make a lasting impressin on him by like dressing in something he wouldnt expect like something Candas would wear..."

They all shuderedShe was the biggest sl*t in the whole school. "Makeover" Karen and David said.

"You guys cant be seriouse!!!!" oh but they were

Read part 2 coming soon to find out what happens to Bri

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