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Hi, my name is Rosie and Elliot
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Lost love Found Again

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Created: 2006-10-16 14:57:18 All stories by
My Love Secret

I liked you from the moment I saw you laugh.You caught my heart.I thought i should tell you this before your gone.I wrote this poem last year but I never got to show you.If you ever got to read this tell me you did 'cause it breaks my heart not to know what your always laughing about.The smile on your face was the only thing I remembered before class finished.I can't believe it's summer vacation and your away from me.So I wrote this to tell you how I feel.

I put down the letter."How come I never got to send the letter to her,"I thought.She might not feel the same way that I do.

Miles away this girl was thinking the same thing.

Summer passed and they were in a new school and Rosie was there but she fell in love with a boy named Leo.But little did Rosie know that Elliot still loved her.

Elliot spoted her.

"Rosie it's me Elliot I have to tell you something very important please it's really important.And she followed him.


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Lost Lake, CA
All My Stories
Posted On: May 6, 2007
He'll tell her he still loves her and ermmm I got nuthin after that. 5*s luv it!

All My Stories
Posted On: October 16, 2006
i like it! keep going!
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