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Hi, my name is The Blue Fairy
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Lost in the moonlight

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Story Rating   2.33  with 3 vote(s)
By blondieviks Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-02 09:42:37 All stories by blondieviks
Once upon a time, there was a wonderful blue king and queen and they ruled the moonlight kingdom, They had everything they could ever want accept for a child of their own. They prayed and prayed for a daughter but nothing happened for many years, until one day a little blue light could be seen on the edge of the moonlight kindgom. When they arrived there they found that they had been granted a daughterm the blue fairy. But all was not as it seemed....

It turns out that on the way to the moonlight kingdom the blue fairy had run into the red devil fairy and recieved a curse, she could only enter the moonlight kindom for one day a year, for the reat of the year she was lost in the moonlight that surrounded the kingdom. Many years passed and the blue fairy was growing up fast, the king and queen desperatly wanted their daughter to be accepted into the moonlight kindom.

They went to the doll palace - home of the white fairy of light - seeking advice. The white fairy said all they had to do was to get the red devil fairy to enter their kingdom and trap her in the moonlight forever and the curse would be lifted.

So they sent their faithful and valiant horse down to the red palace and stole the red fairie's wand, the source of her power, sure enough that night the red fairy appeared in the moonlight kingdom and they trapped her in the moonlight forever...

The blue fairy was finally accepted into the moonlight kingdom and the all lived happily ever after....

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