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Hi, my name is Lilly
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By LillyAwesome Send DollMail
Created: 2012-10-02 17:00:51 All stories by LillyAwesome
Hi, I am Lilly. I am a 2 year old who is writing her own story. Today, Mommy came in my room with what looks like oatmeal mush. It was actually smushed pancakes, one of my favorites!Mommy even got the pink spoon!

Mommy came in and kissed me on the head. I like it when Mommy does that! Mommy got the T.V. remote off of my nightstand and turned on Elmo's World, my favorite T.V. show!

As soon as Mommy started giving me food, she watched me sing and dance with Elmo! Then, as soon as the song was done, I put my hand up for the big finish, like I always do. Then, as I put my hand down, I accidentally bumped the bowl with my smushed pancakes inside! It went flying everywhere, and Mommy even screamed a little, out of surprise of course. I started crying. The first thing that Mommy did was pick me up and try to calm me down.

But, my room was still a mess! Mommy took me to the kitchen when I started to calm down. She put me in my high chair, turned on Elmo, and started to smush more pancakes for me. Mommy is so nice! She got a big, black thingie and started smushing pancakes with it! Finally, she finished. She went over to my high chair and put the bowl down on the little table in front of me!

Mommy wanted me to eat by myself, I know that. So, I decided that I was going to today, mostly because I was to hungry and needed more energy to throw a fit. I put the pink spoon in the mush and took it out with food. Then, I put it in my mouth and chewed the mush with my teeth, and then I swallowed it. I did this a lot of times, and I ate everything! Mommy was so proud, she gave me a little bit of vanilla ice cream for dessert! YAY! I love you, Mommy!

After breakfast, Mommy took me back in my mush covered room. I wanted my room cleaned right that minute, but Mommy went to the kitchen with me and got two kind of wet cloths. She gave one to me and she started cleaning my room. I know that my Mommy wanted me to clean my room, too, but I was not going to clean my room. I threw my cloth and laughed, and then my Mommy picked my cloth up and gave it back to me. I wanted to throw it again, but I did not. I picked it up, and I rubbed it against my bed.

Soon, my Mommy finished cleaning my room and her phone rang. I was trying to go to sleep. Mommy grabbed her phone and picked it up. Then, she talked a little bit and then cleaned up. She dressed me up nicely, in one of my favorite outfits, and she put me in my car seat in the car.

When the car finally stopped, we were at a restaurant! YAY! I was getting hungry! We met up with my BFF before going in. She was sleeping, so I did not bother her. We went inside and it smelled like food. Like very good food! We sat down in a booth and somebody came and asked us what we want to drink. Mommy ordered me water, just what I wanted! Our drinks came, and Mommy gave me the water in my Sippy Cup. It was good water! I wanted a hot dog. Mommy gave me the menu and I pointed to the hot dog. Then, she started talking. Soon, our food came! Mommy cut up my hot dog and my french fries and I started to eat it with my fingers. It was so good! I ate it all! Mommy got me a little bit of vanilla ice cream for dessert! YAY! I love you, Mommy!

When we all finished, we went home! I like that day a lot! Mommy let me watch T.V. after! That is all that I am going to tell you right now, but i will tell you more later!

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