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Hi, my name is Jenna
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Laugh it off girl

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By dolphingirl493 Send DollMail
Created: 2005-06-16 16:54:44 All stories by dolphingirl493
"You know what I'm gonna call you Lil?" Jenna said to her bff as she slid into the seat beside her. "What?" "Laugh like a hyena!" Jenna replied smiling. Lily laughed some more, "Ohh look here comes Jack." Jack was the most popular guy in school and Jenna was totally crushing on him. Jenna reached for her coke and took a sip, she missed her mouth and it spilled all down her green striped t-shirt. Jenna blushed, then as she reached up to brush her hair out of her face her elbow hit the paper towels and they went flying! Jack was behind her now, and as she reached down to grab them she heard a rip. Oh no, she thought. Someone walked up behind her and ripped them even more. She turned it was Ashley the most popular girl in school and Jack's girlfriend. "Love your underwear Jenn, its sweet!" Jack said. Jenna stood there confused. Then she realized she was wearing her home designed underwear that said I love Jack Canfield! They had hearts and lips all over them. "Oh god!" Jenna said as she blushed like mad. She ran out of the cafeteria but not before Ashley came up to her opened her shirt and dumped her poutine down it. "There now you're perfect." AShley said laughing! She ran straight to the nurses office, with Lily right behind her. When they got into the nurses office Lily started laughing like mad! "It isn't funny! This has been the most embarassing day of my life!" "S-sorry but Jenn its just so FUNNY!!!" Jenna stared at her best friend. "Aww c'mon laugh it off girl!" Jenna thought about it all and then burst out laughing. When the nurse came in the two girls were laughing their heads off! "OUT!! BOTH OF YOU!!" the nurse said. The girls went back into the cafeteria and bought a poutine to share. Walking back Jenna ran into Ashley, she knocked her books down. As ashley bent down Jenna ripped her pants wide open, she was wearinfg a thong!! Knowing she was ging to regret this Jenna poured her poutine down Ashleys low cut shirt. "You burnt them!!" "Burnt what?" Jenna said innocently. "Ohhhh NEVERMIND" AShley screamed. Jenna ran off laughing her head off! THis had been the funniest day of her life! ~PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE~

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Posted On: June 2, 2005
Thanks...all of my other stories have been kinda somebody tell me...should i keep writing funny?

All My Stories
Posted On: May 31, 2005
this is hillarious
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