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Hi, my name is Cindy
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Last One Standing

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By poptartmunchkin Send DollMailSend EmailAIM
Created: 2006-08-29 23:27:49 All stories by poptartmunchkin
Last One Standing

If you want to read an Once Upon A Time Story your reading one that may not seem as one but I guess you’ll have to read for your self…

There was a little girl named Cindy who lived on the outskirts of the village she lived in. Cindy for being so young had an imaginative mind. She would look out her wind every night and from her window she could see the palace, she called it The Doll Palace it was so beautiful with the rose gardens, fountains, and The Doll Palace it’s self was her favorite she imagined that she was playing in the gardens. But sadly her family was poor and her father worked hard but still had a hard time coming up with the tax money.

One day as Cindy was feeding the chickens the towns alarm bells started to ring, Cindy ran inside to see what was wrong, her father said, “The town is under attack” Cindy’s father opened the secret underground room he told Cindy’s mother “Get in Hurry! We don’t have much time now I need you to listen “ his voice sounding scared “lock the door when I close it and don’t come out till I say to.” He gave Cindy a hug and gave her mother a kiss before he shut the door. Cindy’s mother locked the door and held Cindy tightly to her chest so she couldn’t hear the commotion up stairs she kept whispering, “Everything will be ok” “Everything will be ok” knowing it was not ok. She could bear to hear the sounds coming from the ceiling in the underground room she wanted to cry but kept strong for Cindy.

After at least an hour Cindy’s mother finally gave a sigh of relief when she heard Cindy’s father say, “You can come out now its safe.” Cindy’s mother unlocked the door and pushed it open and there was Cindy’s father with a few cuts and bruises. H e helped Cindy and her mother get out of the room, Cindy ran to her dad and gave him a hug and then Cindy’s ran off in there now burnt down home to find a doll of hers she began to play Cindy’s mother walked up to her husband and gently touched his cheek and said “ I love you.” And gave him a hug. But Cindy’s father told them great news that they had won the invaders but they had burnt down the village. As they walked over the rubble of what use to be there home they say what Cindy’s always called The Doll Palace un harmed and undamaged. Cindy and her family hugged each other and stood on the mountain top looking at what use to be their village, they looked at the palace and said “We shall start a new life rebuild our home and the village, as long as the palace is there we shall stand strong.”

In three years the rebuilt the village and their home, knowing as long as The Doll Palace stood watching over them strong and beautiful the would be together forever.

The End

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Cuyahoga Falls, OH
All My Stories
Posted On: September 1, 2006
it was ok but too short not a lot of details
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