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Hi, my name is Kyla
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Kyla's story(part 14)

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By artsy_girl24 Send DollMail
Created: 2008-07-01 19:45:41 All stories by artsy_girl24
Kyla felt as if she should run,but against her instinct she slowly and carefully followed the sound.She flew slowly and carefull not to look at what was telling her to ffollow.She had heard stories of creatures that could freeze you with one glance.

Thats when she heard the second whisper.It sounded like when her sister whispered of the evil man,whos chase most likely was the thing that killed her.It said"Run!Kyla!Run,don't follow those voices,and they won't be able to rip off those beautifull wings of yours.Mine never had a chance.I didn't and can't ever spread them.Run!"

Knowing her sister was sure,she started to fly to the clinic again.She only turned once,and her hair shieled her face.Something had grabbed her wrist.As she spun,and it let go.She sped through the air,and finally basicaly ran into the building.

She pulled her wings in,and whipped her hair into a ponytail.She walked in got her things,and zipped vines around the door.She pulled Josh all the way to were she was,just to say"Goodbye,forever Josh."

She walked out and un-folded her wings before taking flight.She flew up and suddenly started to fall as she had the same dream,but she saw were she was!.As she was about to hit the ground,she woke,and caught her self.She flew up again.This time she saw josh flying beside her.She flew to a lot with nothiing there and sat down on the frezzing cold cement.

Josh sat down beside her started firing off questions"Why can you fly?Why did you fly here???Are you okay?Why are you leaving the room bared?"

She answered"I don't know but my spirit sister does but she won't tell me,I kept having the same dream and it slowly became clearer.Now I can see were it takes place now,and its here.Yes but confused,and because then only I can go back in without killing mysalf!"

He blinked and stared at me.She put her head down and touched the ground and said"There is to be a great battle.It will be humans and our few monster allies.Against the other monsters who are evil and they are trying to rule the planet and kill all humans."

She glanced up and saw the worry in his eyes.He was frozen with fear.He gasped as he saw her face.She looked above her head and saw a large shadow of someone,or something right above her.

(to be continued)

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Posted On: July 7, 2008

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