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Hi, my name is Renna
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Knives and Darks life (2)

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By stianna321 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2013-03-17 15:02:41 All stories by stianna321
Its been a mouth and I lived with dark. He says I should see Knives soon . I really happy because later today I seeing knives. dark says he's dangerous to be alone if your a girl. I didn't under stand, but I decide to go anyways. It took awhile to walk there. I seen lots of stuff but one thing that caught my eyes was a the color purple...I never seen purple before and it was beautiful. When we got to knifes place all I seen was a man with blood stained hair and red eyes. He look at me and smiled. He came closer and opened his arms. He wrapped his arm around me. For some reason it felt good. I wrapped my arm around him too then Dark said "Knives don't get any ideas...if you do it not about Renna. Do you even remember Renna!?!?" I could tell he was mad. Knives let go of me and I let go of him to and he look right at Dark.

"DO YOU THINK I BE HUGGING HER IF I DIDN'T DO YOU THINK I BE LETING HER HUG ME!?!?! I SEARCH FOR RENNA EVERYWHERE AND WHAT DID YOU DO!?!?!NOTHING!!!!!" He grabbed my arm and ran father and farther away from Dark. I reached out for dark but I could no longer see him. Knives finally stopped running and let go of my arm. He look down and I seen tears drop down to the ground "I sorry...I so sorry I didn't protect you from father took all my happiness away in one little moment" He wiped his face and turned around to face me. He ran toward me and hugged me. I hugged him back and all I felt was happiness, safeness and regret for going with my father. He started crying again and all I know was something flashed by my face. His face was he was blushing!?! Then Dark came out of no where and scooped me off the ground and putting me down be hide him.

"Knives one reason I came here was to stop you from doing that! I wanted her and only her for my self and you come in and take her first kiss!" Then I relieved what happened. Knives kissed me! It was so fast I hadn't felt it. Dark grabbed my hand and pulled me home. HE let go of my hand like if he were about to punch me but he didn't all the did was look at me and say " Renna I sorry ever sense you left Knives and me have been fighting over who gets you." I was shocked about what I was hearing "Who gets me!?! What does that mean?! What am I !?! A object to fight over!?! LIKE A TOY!?! AM I A TOY TO YOU!!!"

He came close and closer. I backed away every step he took I took 3 steps.

He slapped me and my cheek turned bright red. I put my hand on it and rubbed it. Tear ran down my cheek and feel to the ground. Dark looked at his hand and said "I hurt you again. I sorry. I didn't mean it." I look at him and my dream of having my happiness back was over. I backed away again and turned around and ran back in to the forest crying. He chased after me but at this rate I and him will be killed. I looked around like a lost puppy. I realized my happiness was gone. I wish I could get it back.

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