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Hi, my name is S,K,R,B
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Katja's story

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By SeiraOrangePearl2 Send DollMail
Created: 2014-04-12 19:15:10 All stories by SeiraOrangePearl2

Name~ Katja Woods

Age~ 18

Looks~ Katja is the one with the crown


I opened the door in my salmon high-low dress "Hello" I said to his heart breaking familiar face "Welcome" I let them in his eyes where wide at my appearance he stopped staring at me I hurried off to my room and cried into my pillow why him? why was he here? didn't he know he was hurting me? later it was dinner we had my brother and his girlfriend here it was my brothers coronation he will be king tonight while all the younger kids [Under 18] celebrated I sat in the library with him. Now your asking who is this 'Him'? This 'Him' was the man I loved Vickas he was from the Russian kingdom "Katja..." he said I said nothing to him my back turned he turned me and made me look at him "You have grown a lot since I last saw you in fact you used to cry every time you saw me" he said Tears rolled down my cheeks I hugged him sobbing "Why did you leave if you missed me this much?" he asked softly "I wasn't given a choice your people made me leave" I whispered after I had calmed down he pulled me into his lap I giggled and blushed we used to be the same height I started crying again when he said he would have to leave soon "No!" I said "I want to stay with you forever!" I cried later we went to talk to my father the king Vickas asked to marry me I was over joyed

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