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Hi, my name is Abby
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By RockStarGrl98 Send DollMail
Created: 2006-06-05 21:18:42 All stories by RockStarGrl98
My situatuion sends my walls crumbling

My frustration is friendship tumbling

My love for you sends my heart breaking

And all my friends,their time Im taking

Feels like Ive been hit in the chest

Or stabbed in the heart

Like someone stronger than me

Is trying to make me fall apart

I dont like the way its going

My life is tipping to the bad edge

I dont like the way its happening

Im slipping headfirst off the ledge

Just a girl in love with you

Feals like Ive been shot in the

with a silver bullet

Simple as that just it and pull it

Then watch me fall

But Im still alive

Im being thrown in the air

like bread in a toaster (lol)

Or wipped around

on a big rollercoaster

But what can I do

Im helpless with you

I surrender

Just a girl in love with you

Im fealling invisible

like the ghost in the mirror

She will scream and scream

But no one will hear her

Thats like me

You cant see

That girl that no one cares about

That girl thats always looking out

For the little things

And when she sings

Her heart spills out

Thats what its about

I surrender

I can drop on my knees

And sing you all the love songs that I know

Ill be running on the highway

Going as fast I can go

I cant give you the sky but I can give you my heart

Its broken anyway

I cant give you a show but you can watch me fall apart

Im crying everyday

I will be running at the speed of light

just to hear your voice

I can do anything to please you

Almost anything whats your choice

Why am I falling helpless

Into a never ending hole

Why am I doing this

Fighting a monster

That can swallow me whole

I surrender

Oh I surrender

Ill do whatever you want to get your attention

Ill even follow you right into detention

If thats what it takes

I am walking in the moonlight

Trying to find someway to distract me

From you

Your in my dreams

Your head

I write your name

With chalk,crayon,or led

I cant get you out of my mind

I surrender

Member Comments  

Chana, IL
All My Stories
Posted On: July 29, 2007
wow that was really good, very unique writting, well put together, nice use of metaphors 5*

Macarthur, PA
All My Stories
Posted On: June 5, 2006
that was awsome!!!

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