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Journey to the Doll Palace

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By Amity_ Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-15 16:31:53 All stories by Amity_
Once upon a time there was a kingdom called Paden. On its western border was a great sea. To its eastern border were mountains. And in Paden was a ruling family that was powerful and just. There was a king and queen. They had three children, Andra, Amandine, and Alexander. Amandine was the middle child of sixteen years old, neither oldest nor youngest. She had eyes as blue as sapphires and hair as black as a raven’s wings. Though Amandine was very beautiful, it seemed as though she couldn’t seem to do anything right.

During lessons with their tutor, Andra always did better than she did. Andra always received marriage proposals and suitors at the palace while Amandine never received any. When her family went horse riding together, Alexander was better than she was at horseback riding! All this really upset Amandine and caused her to spend many sleepless nights wondering why she couldn’t do anything right.

One day she decided to ask her parents but they were busy ruling the kingdom and didn’t really have time to answer her question. Amandine left but then a thought came to her mind, she would ask Jarreth. Jarreth would know the reason why. Jarreth was one of Amandine’s best friends. For many years he had been living at the palace training to be a court jester.

She found him in the palace courtyard, practicing some of his jokes. Jarreth was a tall boy with crystal blue eyes and jet black hair. He stopped and smiled when Amandine approached him.

“Jarreth, why can I not do anything right?” Amandine asked.

Jarreth didn’t know how to answer her. He had always spent time making people laugh. He didn’t really know how to solve problems. So he did what he always did when faced with a difficult situation, he made Amandine laugh. And Amandine did laugh but her problem wasn’t solved.

The next day while Amandine was trying to figure out why she couldn’t do anything right, she had an idea. She would ask her other friend, one much wiser. Her friend’s name was Kristof. He was a scholar living at the palace training to be an advisor for the royal family. “Of course! Kristof can help me! He’s smart, he’ll know what’s wrong!”Ardella thought jubilantly to herself.

Down to the musty libraries of the palace Amandine made her way in search of Kristof. At first she didn’t see him for all the volumes of lore and knowledge that were strewn about him. But then she saw the top of his mouse brown hair, poring over one of the volumes. Upon seeing her, Kristof jumped with a start.

“Amandine! You startled me!” he said.

After apologizing, Amandine asked Kristof the same questin she asked Jarreth the day before. Kristof didn’t know how to answer. He had never had much contact with people because of his studies let alone people’s problems. He offered Amandine a hypothesis in response to her query. Amandine understood what he meant, yet she didn’t understand how it would help her. She thanked Kristof but left him with her problem still unsolved.

One night at the evening meal as Amandine was pondering why she couldn’t do anything right, a knock came at the palace door. The door was quickly opened to reveal an old, stooped-over woman. The old woman begged for shelter from the storm raging outside. The king, being kind- hearted, granted her request for shelter.

Later that night, Amandine felt drawn to the old woman in some way. Quietly, Amandine crept down the hall to the room the old woman was staying in. Before she even knocked on the door, Amandine heard a voice say, “Come in, child.”

Cautiously she opened the door. The old woman called for her to sit down with her.

“You’ve come to me because you think I know you can’t do anything right.” the old woman replied.

Amandine gasped. How had the old woman known?

“I cannot answer that question but I can tell you someone who can.” she continued.

“Who? Tell me!” Amandine begged.

“You must travel to the kingdom of Doll. To the Doll Palace. There you must ask the king. He knows the answer.” the old woman answered.

Much later in the night, Amandine crept down the halls of the palace. She had made up her mind. She would travel to the Doll Palace and find out the reason why she couldn’t do anything right.

When she was at the stable preparing to leave, she heard two voices. The voices came closer until she saw that the voices belonged to Jarreth and Kristof.

“Amandine, what are you doing?” Jarreth asked.

“I’m going to the Doll Palace to find out why I can’t do anything right.” Amandine answered.

“You cannot go alone!” Kristof said.

“I know my mother and father will not give me an escort.” she replied.

“We’ll come with you.” Jarreth said.

“So no danger may befall you.” Kristof said.

But danger befalling Amandine was what someone had in mind. Far away in the kingdom of Jesut , a woman looked into a crystal ball. Her hair was golden blonde, like the sun’s rays and her eyes were as green as the new grass in spring. She was called Orla. In her crystal ball she watched as Amandine left the palace with Jarreth and Kristof. She nearly knocked the crystal ball from its pedestal in her anger at the sight. You see, Orla wanted the kingdom of Paden. But Orla knew that if Amandine should find out the answer to her question, that she would be no match for Amandine.

“I’ll just have to keep her from getting to the Doll Palace.” Orla laughed.

When the three friends had been traveling for some days to the kingdom of Doll, they came upon an inn. They all decided that it would be a good idea to stay at the inn for they did not know the next time they would come upon another inn. During their first night at the inn, the three were enjoying a fine meal when a man in a black hooded cloak entered the inn. At first, neither of them thought anything of the man. Later on in the night, Amandine noticed that the man was moving closer to the group.

“Jarreth, Kristof that man has been moving closer to us ever since he came here.” Amandine whispered.

Her two companions were too busy enjoying the comforts of a roof over their heads to notice or care.

“Aye, you’re just imaging things.” Kristof told her.

As the night wore on, the man continued to move closer to their table until he was only one table away.

“Maybe you were right.” Jarreth said.

“What should we do?” Amandine asked.

“I think we should get the horses and leave.” Kristof said.

The others nodded their agreement. As quietly as they could, the princess and her two friends began to make their way toward the door. The man in the black hooded cloak began to follow them on their way out.

The three quickly mounted their horses and rode away into the night with the man in the hooded cloak in hot pursuit. Despite their attempts to break away from the man, he kept up with them and got closer.

“He’s gaining on us!” Amandine cried.

“I think I know what to do!” Kristof said.

The man drew his sword, preparing for a battle. They could hear the man’s heavy breathing and the pound of his horse’s hooves. Just as he lifted his sword to strike Amandine, Kristof chanted some words and the man was gone!

Jarreth and Amandine looked around in amazement.

“What did you do?” Jarreth asked.

“I made him disappear.” Kristof answered.

“But how did you do that?” Amandine asked.

Kristof grinned and answered, “I don’t just read books about politics.”

Later that as they all bedded down for the night, Amandine couldn’t help but think, ”Kristof can make people disappear. Why can’t I do things like that? Why can’t I save my friends?”

She pondered these questions until she finally drifted off to sleep that night.

Meanwhile in Jesut, Orla watched as her henchmen was taken out by Kristof.

“This isn’t going to be as easy as I thought.”she muttered to herself.

Her mind raced with trying to think of where their journey would take them.

“They’ll have to pass the Crystal Lake.” Orla remembered.

With that, Orla set about the task of placing a curse on the inhabitant of the lake.

A few weeks later as they were traveling, the three came upon a sparkling lake. Now the weather was very hot and they were all getting tired of walking under the hot sun.

“I think we should go swimming.” Jarreth suggested.

“That sounds fantastic!” Amandine exclaimed.

They all disrobed into the bare minimum of what was “decent” and jumped into the lake. As they were swimming around in the lake, something grabbed Amandine’s ankle.

Amandine looked down to find that there was a woman in the water! As quick as light, she pulled Amandine under the water.

“Give me the crest of your kingdom!” the woman commanded Amandine.

“Never!” Amandine answered.

“Either give me the crest or I’ll take your life!” the woman said.

Amandine sadly took the crest from around her neck and gave it to the woman.

When she reached the surface again, Amandine told Jarreth and Kristof what had happened.

“I can’t do anything right! I can’t even keep my kingdom’s crest safe!” Amandine cried.

“I’ll get it back for you.” Jarreth said.

“But how? You can’t breathe under water.” Amandine said.

“Not necessarily. I know a spell that can fix that.” Kristof said.

Kristof murmured a few words and blue glow went from his hands to Jarreth.

“What did you do?” Amandine asked.

“He can breathe underwater now.” Kristof answered.

With Amandine and Kristof at his back wishing him luck, Jarreth plunged into the crystal blue water. He swam and swam until he saw a palace. The palace was made of pure, glistening crystals. Jarreth crept around the palace, trying to find where the woman was keeping Amandine’s crest. Just as we was about to look on the other side of the castle, he felt a hand grab his shoulder roughly.

Jarreth woke up in a throne room. The woman who had stolen Amandine’s crest sat on the throne. Her aqua colored hair fell just past her shoulder. The dress she wore looked as though it were made of water.

“My guards caught you prowling around my palace.” the woman stated.

“I was only trying to get back what was stolen.” Jarreth answered.

“For that you are now my prisoner. You will be a servant here. There is no escape from this palace unless I will it.” the woman smirked.

“Where should I take him, Mistress Rilletta ?”the guard asked.

Despite the fact that Jarreth was Rilletta’s prisoner, he was enchanted by her beauty.

During the time Jarreth was a servant in the palace he watched Rilletta, not just because he wanted to get the crest back but because there was something about her that drew his attention. Despite what she had done, Jarreth believed that there was good in her. The new servant began to catch Rilletta’s attention more and more.

One day as Jarreth was cleaning the floor he saw Rilletta from the corner of his eye. As he watched Rilletta, he slipped on the wet floor. Rilletta saw the sight and laughed outright at the sight. Jarreth looked up and something happened to Rilletta, her face was not drawn in its usual frown and her eyes were not cold.

“Jarreth, you have broken the spell that was placed upon me.” Rilletta said, extending her hand to him.

Jarreth took her hand and stood up.

“The spell?”he asked.

“Yes, the queen of Jesut placed a spell on me. She did it to get to you and your party.”she told him.

“But why?”Jarreth asked. He was quite surprised by this revelation.

“Orla wants the kingdom of Paden. Many years ago, she stole your lady’s rane crystal. She thought that by doing that she could have the land of Paden. But now that Amandine has undertaken a quest, she fears that your lady will succeed. ”Rilletta answered.

“What is this rane crystal?” Jarreth asked.

“Without it, Amandine is thrown off balance. That’s the reason you’re on the quest now.” she replied.

“Her plan backfired,” Rilletta began interrupting Jarreth’s thoughts,”She didn’t foresee that I would fall in love with you.”

“Nor I you.”Jarreth said.

With much deliberation, Rilletta gave Jarreth Amandine’s crest back. He accepted it gratefully with a promise to return one day.

Kristof and Amadine were waiting by the side of the lake when Jarreth emerged. Amadine was very happy to have gotten her crest back. Jarreth told Amandine all of what Rilletta had told him about Orla and her plans.

With a firm resolve, the three resumed their journey to the Doll Palace. Perhaps the king could give them some advice about encountering Orla. But Ardella couldn’t help thinking, “Jarreth got back my crest. Why couldn’t I do that? I couldn’t even hold onto it!” Still she walked along, ready to find the answers she was searching for.

Angrily, Orla threw the crystal ball across the room.

“It’s time I took matters into my own hands!”she yelled.

Orla snapped her fingers and disappeared.

A few days later, the three arrived at the Doll Palace. Slowly, they entered the colossal castle. Elaborate tapestries hung on the wall of the throne room. On the throne sat a king. Though everything seemed right, something wasn’t right about the king. Amandine approached him cautiously and told him the reason why they were there. The king told them that if they would follow the servant to his chambers they could discuss the matter more privately.

“Something doesn’t feel right.” said Kristof as they crossed the threshold of the king’s chambers. Just as Amandine was about to ask what he meant, Kristoff suddenly pushed Amandine behind them. It was just in time too because the floor under them gave way to a trap door, taking Kristof and Jarreth under. The trap door closed just as quickly as it had opened. Guards came rushing down the hall. Amandine ran not knowing what else to do. Amandine found a passage and hid there. She knew what she had to do. She would rescue Jarreth and Kristof.

After nightfall, Amandine crept around the castle as she tried to find the best way to free her friends. As she stalked silently through the palace, Amandine saw a blonde-haired woman sitting on a throne. Amandine knew who it was. She could feel it. This woman was Orla. The one who had caused all this trouble. Amandine knew if she defeated Orla that she could free her friends. Amandine was able to sneak into the room unseen by Orla.

Just as she was behind the throne, Orla turned around and saw her. The two fought without swords almost as brutally as two men with swords would fight. By chance, Amandine ripped the necklace Orla wore from her. In her carelessness, Amandine flung the trinket against the wall where it broke. The shatter was followed by a scream from Orla.

“You stupid girl!” screamed Orla.

All of a sudden, Orla began to disappear. Unknowingly, Amandine had discovered the source of Orla’s power.

Quickly, she rushed down to where Jarreth and Kristof were being kept. With Orla gone, the guards were freed from their spell and gladly released Jarreth and Kristof.

“You saved us!”Kristof exclaimed.

A realization occurred to Amandine. “I saved my friends just like they always save me. And I did it without that crystal. Maybe I’m not so useless. Maybe I can do things right!”

Before they left for Paden, the king requested an audience with them. He thanked them for freeing him and his castle from the spell put on them by Orla.

“I know why you came here. You came to find out why you can‘t do things right.” the king said.

Amandine gasped and nodded.

“The reason is not that your rane crystal was gone. The reason is that you had no confidence in yourself. When you had confidence in your self you were able to save your friends. I hope that you will remember that.” the king said.

Our heroes began the journey back to Paden. After their journey Amandine found that she could accomplish what she set her mind to.

Years later, Amandine became queen of Paden. She was a just and compassionate ruler. Jarreth married Rilletta and became one of Amandine’s most trusted advisors. Kristof became Amandine’s most trusted advisor as well as her husband. And they all lived happily ever after.

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