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Hi, my name is Kate
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Journey Towards Destiney

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By snowbrat74 Send DollMail
Created: 2007-02-27 15:24:36 All stories by snowbrat74
When I woke up I found myself in a hospital bed with my legs aching like mad. Next to me there was an old woman sleeping in a chair. She looked exhausted. I'll try not to wake her up. Wait why am I here! Did I get hurt...I don’t remember! A nurse comes walking in.

"Oh, you’re up. It’s about time." She said grumpily. When the nurse said that, the old woman next to me woke up. Her eyes brightened up instantly.

"Thank goodness you’re up! I thought we lost you." she said.

"How long was I sleeping?" I ask.

"Oh about two weeks." she said, “But no problem you’re alive although your legs are a bit hurt. They were broken but they should be healed in around 2 and a half months." "What happened to me?" I was curious to know.

"You don’t remember?" she asked.

I shook my head.

"Well, you were in a car accident." She looked very sad. "Anyways my name is Lyn. I was a very close friend of your parents. Do you remember your name?"

I thought a bit but as though a light bulb flashed on I knew. "Kate" I said softly, “But that’s all I remember.

Two days later I was taken home. The doctor had said I had slight memory loss but it will return gradually. When we did arrive home, I took to playing on the computer since I could do nothing else. While surfing around one day I found a website called the doll palace. I went on it everyday and I had a lot of fun making dolls or chatting with other people on the site. By about a month and a half I was allowed to use crutches because my legs were beginning to heal. I could help with dinner and housework now. I was happy that I could finally do something and that soon in three weeks school would start and I would be able to make friends in my new home. Until then I could help on Lyn and her husband's small farm.

After a very long time I was able to begin school. I was soo excited! Lyn said she never saw anyone more excited about school but I was tired of being stuck on the farm and couldn't wait to see something new and meet some people my age. When I arrived at school on my crutches a lot of people came up to me and was friendly. One girl, Julie, that was really outgoing hung out with me a lot. She was in my class. Another one of the girls was not nice. Her name was Nicole. She seemed really snooty and didn’t come talk to me. I'm glad I don’t really want to talk to her. During the next month my legs healed and I was able to remove the casts and stop using the crutches. During the next few weeks I became great friends with Julie but arch enemies with Nicole.

One day Lyn told me that Nicole and her father are coming for dinner. She told me that Nicole will be staying for the week over the break while her father is on a business trip.

"Why does she have to stay here?" I ask, "She's thirteen!"

"No one else was able to watch her. Everyone else was busy." She says.

"Fine," I say and because there was a risk of exploding of anger I went to my room.

That night when Nicole and her father came in I was forced to be nice. After dinner Lyn asked me to bring Nicole to my room so she can put her stuff there and show her where she will be sleeping. As soon as she stepped in she makes a face that made it seem as though there was something rotten under her nose. "What’s with the face?" I ask when I saw the face. "Well, this room isn’t as nice as my room, but I guess it will be ok since I’m luckily only staying here for a week." She replied. "No one asked you what you thought," I say, “You are lucky to be staying here in the first place. No on else wanted to watch you and if we didn’t you would be home alone for a week." She says nothing. Instead she goes and sits on the bed.

"I'm thirsty,” she said.

"Ok? What do you want me to do about that?" I asked.

"I want to you get me a drink," she said.

"Well, I’m not your maid! I’m not getting you one!" I yelled.

"But since I’m your guest you should make me feel at home and at home when I'm thirsty someone gets me a drink." she sayid sweetly.

"Look around you!! Does it look like home to you! No!" I said and stormed out.

I ran towards the tree house that I found a week or two ago. When I mentioned it to Lyn she told me that I should stay away because the house wasn't stable. But I didn't care. I had a feeling that it might help calm me down. I climbed up the ladder and stepped inside but instead of feeling solid ground I felt the sensation of falling. I must have missed the step! I heard a scream behind me. Great. Nicole followed me. I wondered why I hit the ground yet? The tree house isn’t that high up. Suddenly I hit the ground and everything goes dark.


When I woke up I found myself in the middle of a large field. I looked to my right and "joy" Nicole was laying there. I looked around to take in my surroundings. "How did I get here?" I thought. Then I remembered the tree house. I decided that somehow it sent me here. Then I wondered, "Why would it send me here?" But I didnt really have time to think about that. So I continued to look around and at the end if the field I saw a small town. I decided then that I have to wake up Nicole. I shoke her slightly and she opened her eyes. Her eyes widened when she looked around.

"Where are we!?!" she asked with panic in her voice.

"I don’t know," I said, "but I think our best bet to finding out is going to that town."

"I'm not going there," she said.

"Yes you are we have no other choice and I doubt that we are going to poof back home sitting here."


So we started to walk towards the town. After around a half mile Nicole started to complain of cramps.

"I'm not walking anymore, my legs hurt," she complained.

"We can’t stop, we have to get to the town," I said.

"Fine, you can give me a piggy-back ride there then," she said.

"I'm not carrying you, your 13 you can walk," I protested.

"Then I’m sitting right here." she said.

So for the remaining part of the walk, I carried Nicole on my back and believe me: she isn't light.

When we came to the town, it wasn’t like any town we have ever seen before. It looked like it came out of the far past. The roads were dirt and the carriages were horse drawn. Woman wore long skirts or dresses. I put Nicole down and we walked until we found an inn. We went in and asked to see the owner. A man around his late forties came out.

"Hello. I'm Stanly, the owner." he said.

"Hi, I’m Kate and this is Nicole. We would like to get a room." I said.

"Great. One room is ten silvers or one gold." he told us.

"Oh, we don't have any of that kind of money," I told Stanley. "We are from different parts.

"Well, anyone can tell that. You two are wearing men's clothes," he said, looking at our jeans and t-shirts. "I'll tell you what. You two can help out in the inn and in return i'll give you room and board. And maybe some normal clothes too."

"Thank you. We promise we will be hard workers." I said.

Stanly lead us to the kitchen where a woman was cooking. When she turned around she jumped from surprise.

"Oh! I didn’t hear you come in." She said.

"This is Kate and Nicole. They are going to help us out for room and board." Stanley said.

"Wonderful! My name is Alice. I’m Stanley’s wife. Now let’s get you two dressed."

Alice gave us two old dresses. Mine was a plain dark red and Nicole’s was a plain dark yellow. After we changed we helped make dinner and set the table in the dining room.

When dinner was ready, Nicole went and got all of the guests and told then dinner was ready. As everyone was sitting down, we heard a knock on the door. I told everyone I would get it. When I opened the door there were three people there two men and one woman. By their looks anyone could tell they were some kind of royalty. They told me that they needed a room and I led them to an empty room so they could out there stuff down. Then I led them down to dinner. When we entered Stanley stood up and introduced them. The woman was Lady Cora, and the men were Lord Henry and Lord Charles.

During dinner I could not help but notice that Lady Cora kept watching me. I tried not to let it bother me and continued to eat.

After dinner Nicole and I helped clear the table and wash the dishes. All during this time the Lords and lady were in the dining room talking. When we were almost done they sent Nicole to get Stanly. As soon as Stanly came in Alice told us that we could go to our rooms and get ready for bed.

In our room, Nicole and began to talk about today’s happenings.

“I want to go home!” She said.

“I know but I don’t know how to at the moment so we’re going to have to stay here for awhile.” I said.

“I don’t want to stay!”

“That is too bad! You have to stop whining once in awhile. You act like you’re 3 instead of 13.”

She was silent after that.

“What do you think about those lords and lady?” I asked.

“I don’t know they have nice clothes.” She said.

“yea but don’t they freak you out a bit?"


“Oh. That Lady Cora was looking at me all during dinner. I was getting uncomfortable.”

“Hmm, I didn’t notice anything, but I’m really tired. Goodnight.”

So we started to get ready for bed.

When I was about to get into bed I heard a knock on the door. When I answered it, Alice was there.

“The Lady and Lords would like to see you in the dining room as soon as possible.” She told me.

She led me to the room and let me in. Stanley was sitting at the table, but as I entered he got up and exited the room. Lady Cora motioned for me to sit down.

“We know your secret,” she said.

“What secret?” I asked.

“Don’t play dumb with me. I know,” she said slyly.

I sat there silent not knowing what to say. I didn’t know what they where talking about.

“Bind her!”

Lord Henry and Lord Charles got up with ropes in their hands.

I jumped out of my chair and ran out of the room.

I bolted for the door and made my way towards the stables. I quickly looked around the room for a hiding spot. I started to hear yelling outside and faintly heard a “psst”. I looked around in time to see a horse slowly turning into a woman. She beckoned me to come to the stall and come inside to hide.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“There is no time to explain you need to hide.” She said while changing back into a horse, “if they find you I can guarantee it won’t be good. Cover yourself with straw.”

I do as she says and hope it works.

Then I heard the doors open.

“Search everywhere.” I heard Lady Cora’s voice say.

Then I hear a rustling in straw as the Lords searched through the straw.

“Search the stalls,” Lady Cora yelled.

As they began to search the stalls I hoped that I covered myself fully. After a few minutes they arrived at the stall that I was hiding in. When they opened the door, the woman/horse acted like mad. They decided that the horse would not let me in so they moved on to the next. After a few more minutes they were finished searching the stalls.

“She’s not in here. Let’s go!” Lady Cora yelled.

I heard the doors shut and it was silent once more.

The horse began to turn back into a woman.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am Iris, the leader of all magic in Luvenor.” She said.

“Where is Luvenor?” I asked.

“You’re in it.”

I didn’t know what to say so I changed the subject. “Why are these people after me?”

“You are the first and only princess of Luvenor. That makes you the keeper of all good magic in Luvenor. They are after you because you are the only one that might be able to take the throne back from Shadow.”

That was too much! “Who is Shadow?” I asked.

“Shadow is a master of dark magic. He raided the kingdom and took over, locking your parents and followers up in the high towers. But I think that is enough for tonight. Just one more thing: here,” she handed me a scepter made of wood with beautiful crystals carved into it, “This is the scepter through which you use your magic. You will learn to use it with time, it should come naturally. But I think its time to go to sleep. You should sleep in here to stay away from the inn. We don’t want to risk Lady Cora spotting you.”

After that I laid down to sleep, I fell asleep much quicker than I thought I would.


When I woke up, I saw the woman from last night was gone. I quickly got up and brushed off the straw from my dress. Then I saw the scepter on the straw. I picked it up and walked back to the inn looking to make sure that Lady Cora was not around. When I got into the kitchen Alice turned around.

“Thank goodness they didn’t find you. We knew right after you went in and were sorry we got you into it.” She said.

“That’s alright. There’s no harm done.” I said with a smile. “I’ll be back in about a half hour; I have to do some things upstairs.”

When I got upstairs I quickly bathed to get the straw smell off my skin. When I got out of the bathing room, Nicole came over with her hands on her hips.

“Where were you?!?” she yelled.

“I had business to take care off.” I replied. I didn’t want to tell her about last night’s happenings just yet.

“Oo really, what kind of business?” she asked.

“None of your business” I said.

“Oh, yes it is you got me here, so I deserve to know whatever is going on.”

“Your not going to give up, are you?”

“Nope, so I advice that you tell me now and save yourself the misery.”

I gave up and told her about last night’s happenings. When I finished she stood there with her mouth open.

“You’re a princess! No way! You can’t be! You’re too… ugh!” she said.


“Well it’s true.”

“It doesn’t matter what you think. I’m I princess whether I or you like it or not.”

After that, I went downstairs to help Alice with breakfast.

“No, honey, you don’t have to earn your keep anymore!” she sadi.

“But I want to.” I replied

“I won’t allow it” she said in a way that showed finality.

“Ok, do you need anything at the market?”

“Actually, I do.” She said and gave me a small shopping list of maybe 5 items.

I went upstairs, grabbed the scepter and walked to the market. I began to gather the items. I was almost done when I turned into the last aisle. I turned around to face someone in a cloak and then…it was dark.


When I woke up I was chained to the wall by my wrists. I looked around I saw I was in a square room with a mattress. Otherwise the room was empty. I heard footsteps outside the door. They stopped. I saw a shadow appear by the door and a man appeared above it. He was dressed in a dark cloak that covered his face. He looked up and his face appeared. He was angry. I could tell by his face. He held up his hand and my hands were let free. I fell to the floor… hard. He laughed.

“So this is the mighty Kate, huh.”

He held his hand and pain went through every inch of my body. I couldn’t get up if I tried. The pain stopped. He laughed again.

“This is who they call the keeper of magic? Yea right!”

I groaned. I reached for my scepter and suddenly felt a surge of energy. I took it out and raised it at him and a bright light rushed toward him. He fell backwards, turned back into a shadow and went away. I hid my scepter beneath my in my skirt and sat on the mattress. I knew that I had to get out of here… fast. I got up and tried the door. It was locked. I took out my scepter, held it up and thought of the door opening. It glowed then squeaked open. I quietly walked out and decided that this must be my castle that Shadow took over. So, instead of finding the exit, I decided to find the highest tower, where my parents were hidden.

After carefully wandering around for awhile I found a flight of stairs. I made my way up and after a very long time I came to a locked door. I took up my scepter and held it up like I did before. Like the other door this one glowed and slowly opened. Before going in I looked in and saw two people that were in their late thirties. They were dressed in what looked like once beautiful clothing that was now ragged and dirty. I went in and they looked up. The woman looked surprised and happy at the same. The walked over.

“Kate, you’re here. I knew you would come.” She said.

“Mother?” I asked

She nodded.

“We have to get out of here and take back the castle. We should go now.” I say.

We started to walk down the stairs as quietly as possible, but we began to hear steps coming up. We continue walking but came face to face with Shadow. A smirk spread across his face.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here?”

I took out my scepter and pointed it towards him. Shadow laughed.

“You think that a stick will match the power of ME!!” he said.

“Well, one, it’s not a stick, two, its better than nothing and three, your right it wont match your power.”

He smiled evilly.

“It will be even better!”

“Well, you seem confident” he said and raised his hand like before. a dark light came rushing towards me.

I raised my scepter and shielded it away. Then, I sent a bright light at him throwing him down the steps. I ran down and guided my parents towards the exit. Shadow had recovered by then. He sent a gust of air at me that threw me backwards. I got up weakly and sent all of the power I could at him. Shadow was thrown backwards and landed hard on the floor. He turned into a shadow and faded away. With that all of his guards faded also.

I ran outside to my parents.

“We did it!” I yelled.

“No you did it.” My father said.

I smiled. I turned around and saw a very good looking boy looking at me. He was talking to his friends but looking at me. I smiled and he left his friends and walked over.

“Hi I’m Prince James.” He said.

“Hi, I’m Kate.” I said.

“I know. You’re the princess.” He said.

I smiled.

We went inside the castle. All of our old workers were already back and working. We went into my old room to and found that all of my clothes are still there and still fit me. I change into one of my gowns in the dressing room and come out.

“Wow, you look beautiful.” James said.

“Thank you.” I replied.

We talked for a very long time until it was time for James to go home.


The next day my parents and I were eating breakfast.

“Kate, you’re getting old enough to be married. Prince James has asked our permission to marry you. Would you like to?” my father asks.

“Of course!” I said.

James entered the dining room and smiled. I smiled back.


During the next few days we planned the wedding. I picked out patterns for my dress and the arrangement for my flowers. Oh and I sent Nicole home… thank god!

Finally after a lot of planning the wedding day finally came.

As I walked down the aisle I had butterflies in my stomach. At the end of the aisle I stood next to James. After a few words the priest announced that we were married and we kissed. After the wedding, we walked back down the aisle together and into a carriage where we drove away into the horizon.

~and we lived happily ever after~

Member Comments  

Grand Forks, ND
All My Stories
Posted On: March 4, 2007
ya need to be more detailed what happened to her other parents? and how excactly did the end up in the past? k otherwise it was great!

Zionsville, IN
All My Stories
Posted On: September 26, 2006
You switch tenses throughout and frankly, it's kind of confusing. The idea is interesting, but you need to work on it some more.


All My Stories
Posted On: September 15, 2006
Nice idea, i like that she doesn't return to her previous life. But it's not very carefully out for the commas, it's a bit confusing without pauses.
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