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Hi, my name is Jenna
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Jenna's key to life chp 2

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By frog7806 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-10-28 16:10:41 All stories by frog7806
Today I had to wake up from a annoying sound that made me ears feel like bleeding, Ann? I turned around and sure enough I was right, it was Ann yelling about how I forgot to set my alarm clock. Oh that's right, I was so busy thinking that I forgot to-" Ah! Hey now! " I yelled because I was flipped over off the bed. She gave me a death glare and coming from my point of view on the ground she looks like she should be some kind of mean ruler. I stepped out of the room and sighed, listing to a brat when you first wake up is a bit crappy of her. Not like I'm any worse, I thought to my self. I went downstairs and Chris was getting toast out of the toaster machine. I walked past by him and grabbed some milk out of the cold fridge that made my hands go numb less than 10 seconds. And not expecting what is happening next he groped my butt. I stood there for three seconds and I turned around having a disgusted look on my face. " You bi-" My god he was laughing on the floor like a idiot. " Hahn." I sighed, thinking how trouble some he is. I got the nearest thing to I could hit him with. I found a leek, I looked around to see if there was anything else than this huge leek. I turned around holding the wet leek grasping it my hands so the leek wouldn't fall. I looked above Chris who was in tears laughing like there was no tomorrow. He hadn't noticed me, here's my chance! I swooped up arms holding the leek so high and I fiercely threw down my arm as fast as I could. "GHAAH!!" I screamed loudly as I could leaving a crack sound. Chris stopped laughing right as the leek was about to hit him. And I have him only two more inches. " Chris, Jenna? What's for break fest? " Oh no, Ann came around the corner of the archway unexpectedly. The leek hit Chris so hard it bounced off of him and landed on Ann's head. Her face turned blank, I gasped and Chris was in the corner holding his head. " Uh hey Ann, are you okay? That I didn't hurt right?" I asked but no reply from her. My face was pale and I was smiling weirdly, the kind where you lift up one cheek but not the other and it's supposed to be a fake smile. Yeah, that's the kind I'm talking about. Her eyes moved slowly upward. " Ah- AHHHHHHH!" She screamed louder than the radio Chris left on last night. Natalie came in the room with a mad gloomy face, saying I don't wan't to be bothered. " What is going on you dim witted little brats? you merely made me choke!" She scolded at us putting her hands on her hips. Man I do not like her, but Ann just adores her. " Sniff, Jenna and Chris were fighting and then this disgusting huge thing landed on my head!" She complained giving Natalie the pathetic look. I couldn't say she was lying cause she wasn't. But just thought of her getting to win makes me sick, I know she's laughing like a devil in that somewhat messed up brain.I don't even think she was disgusted by that since she has leeks in her lunch every day, she says it's good for your skin. Yeah ok sure, whatever Ann. Where did you get that information? Skin care products for kids? Product to be a sexy kid? Kia the internet?! Give me a brake you think what you say is always right, or what your popular friend Dianna says is always right. I would love to smack the smirk off your face. Your my little sister and I'm your big sister, get over the fact that I'm more mature from you. Can't you see that my parent's are proud of me and still looking down on you. I bet there glad to have such a nice child they raised, and then ended up having to be stuck with yo- " Can you not bully your sister just because your adopted?"

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Keller, TX
All My Stories
Posted On: October 28, 2012
Sorry should have been out yesterday, but ended up having plans! :3
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