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Hi, my name is Eisha
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Jealous ones still envy J.O.S.E.

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Created: 2005-01-08 20:58:36 All stories by
((((TRUE STORY))))

The drama all began in high school. My 1st day i made so many friends and so many different boys wanted me. my cousin told me, "when u get in high school dats when all da haterz come at you, fony people i'll try to be ya best friend, and gurls will fight you ova boyz". But i did'nt believe her, in tha long run it all came to me, i learned the hard way.

In my sophmore year i had a fine dime piece boyfriend and 3 friends i called my gurlz, everything was cool. Until the day of homecoming, me and muh gurlz lashaun,Nicole, and Miysha Went to home coming together dress almost alike but different colors and a lil different styles, and alot of gurls were coming up to me and saying my out fit looked good and asking me were i got it from, i could feel the whole night Nicole looking at me in jealousy and hate. the end of the night me, Lashaun, and Miysha were looking for my boyfriend Mike in the school after the dance, something told me to look in the boys locker room cuz he was on the football team maybe he changed out his clothes. We got down to the locker room and i find Mike and Nicole kissing and stuff. I pull her off him and hit her dead in the face making her fall on the floor, i then pushed him and told him it was OVER!!! I never spoked to ether of them in school or out....

MY junior year came really fast and i only kicked it with Miysha and Lashaun, my best friends,dats what i thought after Miysha made me and her enemies. Lashaun and I where going to lunch, we walked in and Miysha was talking to Marcus, one of the finest boys on the basketball team, every gurl wanted to talk to him or make him theirs. Miysha called us over, "wat up yall, yall wanna come to a party tonight?", she said. Lashaun replied, "who throwin' it?". Marcus said, "me, it's gonna really be a get together jus a few people, yall commin'?" We said yea we'll come and bring owr guys. Lata that night i called my boyfriend and told him about the party, he said he couldn't come cuz he had to work, i told him i would call him when i got in, after that i lefted with lashaun and one of her boyfriends. We got in the party and it wasn't really that many people just a few like he said, Miysha come out of a room staggering trying to stand on point, she had so many drinks that she couldn't even talk right. "Miysha, wat u been drinking", said Lashaun. "No-thing!", said Miysha talking slowly. We forgot all bout her and danced and talked to every body, until Miysha saud something that made me really think she was a hater, "Eisha, why u think u so sexy and every n**** want u, don't no body want u, and u be thinkin look so good, gurl please, dats why i dont like u, said Miysha. I said back, "Now u know i don't act like dat, and i cant help it dat im liked alot, but guess wat, i can now see dat u wasn't my friend at all, it's coo cuz i aint stressin' it cuz u another hata added to da million i got." Miysha face dropped and looked at me with evny in her face and eyes. All Miysha do now is try to hate on evey one and really on me



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