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Hi, my name is Aliya
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It started at a gas station (part 5)

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Created: 2006-07-01 20:21:36 All stories by
I looked around for a moment, scared to death. "E-e-e-va-a?" i said shakily. "W-where ar-re y-y-yo-u?" no answer. the car was still in the driveway, and i could hear footsteps on the grass. i cussed under my breath and put the shanking key through the hole. When i opened the door, i stepped in and immediatley closed it again.

My back was pressed against the door, and i was breathing hard. I finally got inside and walked up the steps when Eva's mom came from downstairs. She screeched. "Oh, Aliya! its you! I was scared for a moment! Did you hear that loud scream outside?"

I gulped. "Y-y-es, Mrs. Rollond. I heard it c-clearly."

"Honey, you seem shaky. You okay?" before i could nod, she continued, "Where's eva?" My eyes widened at her question, and i could feel my face get pale and cold. "Darlin'? You okay? Where's eva, honey?"

"G-g-one." i shook my head after i realized what i had said. "I need to talk to you." I sat her down and told her the whole story Her face was pale and her mouth was open the whole time.

"Im callin' the cops!!" Mrs. Rolland said. I nodded. She pressed the "talk" button on the phone. "What in the world..." she said as she hung up. "Phone line's dead, i guess." she said in her southern accent as she sat down next to me. "But i'm not gonna let him get away! no no no! i am worried sick. I'm gonna walk down to the police station and tell 'em. DOnt worry, ill lock the house for ya. Now, i know this may sound wierd but i have two different key chains: my house key and my car keys...and i cant find my car keyes...Oh! here they are! I'm gonna run down to that station! bye!" She left soon afterwards.

I took deep breaths once again. I was happy that eva's mom was doing something, but i was still scared.

I heard the front door open, and i thought it was eva's mom coming back because she forgot something. "Forget something?" i asked.

"No, but you did," said frank's voice, "You forgot to take the key out of the door..."

I gasped as he walked upstairs. I was in for BIG trouble.

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Posted On: July 1, 2006
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