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Hi, my name is Gracey Mae
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It all begins

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By kebby_loves Send DollMail
Created: 2013-02-12 11:16:31 All stories by kebby_loves
It all begins with Grace. Grace is the key to acceptance.

Emily studied the girl before her as she replayed the words in her mind. The girl had been at the school for 2 years now, having joined at the beginning of her GCSE's. Emily had never even noticed her before but then why would she? Gracey Mae was as plain as the wall behind her, looks and personality. She had to have the wrong person after all her mum had said Grace not Gracey. Emily had found out what little she could from the school office and even they hadn't known much about the only girl in the school with a name close to Grace. That must make her a nobody and Emily's family wouldn't expect her to stoop so low as to associate with a nobody. Glancing round to make sure no-one was staring at her whilst she had leant against her locker processing these thought Emily quickly checked her clothes were still immaculate and headed towards the 6th Form common room where she knew her friends would be waiting.

'Emily, Emily' she heard the call just as she reached the bottom of the common room stairs and plastering a smile on her face turned to greet her Science teacher with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. Dr Wright was highly regarded in the university circuit and Emily knew if she wanted a glowing reference for Oxford that she would have to remain his favourite student for the next 2 years.

'Yes Dr White?'

'I have a new year 10 student in my tutor struggling to make friends, I was wondering if perhaps you would consider getting to know her on your break, her names is Lilly Brooks.'

'Of course Dr White it would be my pleasure tell her to meet me here at the beginning of lunch.' Emily cursed under her breath as he walked away, it was the last thing she wanted to so but as Dr White ran the mentoring programme for new students she had felt it could only add to her university application to volunteer.

As Emily stood watching Lilly dither over which food to have for her lunch she regretted volunteering for the mentoring position for about the 5th time in as many minutes, especially as if this Grace girl ever materialised she wouldn't need to go to Oxford, in fact she wouldn't need to go to university at all.

'Pasta and Cheese, please'. The girl just got stranger no wonder she was struggling to make friends, sensing Emily watching her Lily turned and shrugged explaining ' I don't like Tomato Sauce, I add Salad Cream.' Emily asker for her own portion of Pasta and Tomato Sauce, and selected a small side plate of fruit from the dessert bar, Lily followed her lead and chose herself a portion of Chocolate mousse. Emily made her way over to her usual table to introduce Lily and then chose to sit at the table next to it rather than joining her friends. This was usually all it took once the year 10's saw Lily having the privilege of a private lunch with Emily they'd be flocking to know more about her.

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