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Hi, my name is Jayden
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Im Not Ok Part 3

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Created: 2005-04-11 13:38:40 All stories by
Please Comment and Rate. This is the final part of my true story. All names have been changed.


Dear Jayden,

Saying its natural

That you didnt know what else to say

I think you should get a grip

Come face to face

With reality.

Your not worth my time

I've seen a whole new side to you

You're horrible and shallow

I never see my friends that way

Why do you think your so special

I dont hate you

Maybe we can be friends

I dont know

I dont need this s*h*i*t

Come on

Even Dana didnt mind.

Your opinion mattered most

You've failed me big time

The trust is broken

You were my best friend

I dont know what else to say.

Who cares if your not ok

Im hurting

And all you can say is

"Im sorry"

"Im not ok"

Sorry but i dont care anymore.


I read it over and over and as the tears came into my eyes i ran from the common room. I ran from you and all the friends you turned against me. One friend followed but only for a short way. I feel so alone as i walk the streets of this town and i wish sometimes you could remember. Humans make mistakes its part of what makes them unique but the better human can always forgive before its to late.

Its to late for us. Everything you just said. Its to late for me to believe that we can go back to how we where. Im sorry i know i let you down. I seem to do that a lot lately so please forgive me for what i will do and i hope to see one day forgivness in your heart.


Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it and it is all true. Please Comment and rate. It helps if you read part one and part two first although part one and two may seem in a mixed up order. Their not but read them in which ever order you want. Either way it will all come together and make some sense.

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