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Hi, my name is Fondant
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Icing and Fondant

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By Phantasmica Send DollMail
Created: 2013-07-01 04:24:56 All stories by Phantasmica
Her stage name was Fondant

Though she was not sweet

Nor lovely nor pleasant

But bitter indeed.

Till one night she wound up

Confused and alone

In a strange neighborhood

Distant from her home.

"Of course this must happen

Right after a show!

Come on, you stupid car!

Start up! Time to go!"

After a few moments,

She sighed in defeat

Reaching to grab her purse

Out from the back seat.

The window shattered and

Before she could blink

Strangers' hands grabbed at her

And silver did gleam.

Fondant tried to struggle

Against grip and blade

But found it was useless

And so she did cave.

Away the men dragged her

Through alleys and streets

Till they heard a loud shout

And halted their feet.

Fondant closed her eyes and

Prayed through and through

For someone to save her

From out of the blue.

"Crash! Bang! Boom! Thud!" she heard

Behind her and then

The men let her go and

Ran, cursing in dread.

A hand reached down to her

Bright red from the fight.

She took it cautiously,

Glancing up in fright.

His nickname was Icing

Or so she was told,

A regular guy with

A heart made of gold.

She looked at her hero,

Beginning to sob.

She now felt horrendous

For being a snob.

This man that had helped her

Made her realize

That tearing down others

Won't earn you a prize.

It's kindness, she learned, that

Can help everyone

Even total strangers

If only just once.

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