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Hi, my name is Ann
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I have it all

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By blue_hill Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2005-01-04 18:17:22 All stories by blue_hill
If I stood atop the mountain

And I had everything

And on every wind

My voice would sing

What could I long for?

Why would my voice cry?

Would it be love to live by?

Or dreams, which no longer lurk my sleep

Or sadness, which balances my joy

Or even the cold again

For only warmth I feel

Because I have it all

If I had you

Id grant your dreams

On a velvet carpet just

For you

If I had my deepest desires

What would I want?

Would life be forever joyous?

Or a hermit under a stone

Or a peasant, watched by eyes of kings

Or a star, standing in the limelight

For only madness I know

Because I have it all

If I could make everything

Right again

And show the world


What would tear at my heart?

What would make

Me cry?

Or would my heart be full

And unknown to pain

Or my face happy for

No tears have fallen

For only joy I sense

Because I have it all

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