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Hi, my name is Tashima
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I dont know?

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Created: 2004-12-18 16:29:13 All stories by
Diary Entry May 4 2003

I just "did the grown up" but 1 mon early I did it with a different person,and before that by 1 mon another person and Im thinking thats un healthy

Diar Entry May 7 2003

My boy friend and I broke up and now Im alitle sad and my stomachs been hurting latle ly and school has been the last thing on my mind I dont know Im confused???/

May 15 2003

Im EXCITED i have a new boy firend and he is so sweet and he already took me out

BAD PART: I seem to gaining weight my stomach adn Ive been getting really sick

MAY 23 2003

I cheated on my boy friend asn I feel so bad but I wont tell him

MAy 25 2003

IM PREGANT 2monts.and some weeks I dont know how to tell my boyfriend Hes not even the daddy as a matter of fact I dont know who the baby belongs to

June 15 2003

I told my boy friend yesterday about me being pregant now im 3 mont and 2 weeks pergnant even though I dont know who the baby daddy is he said he will help me take care of it and my mom at first was UP set but got over it

June 29

I cheated again but this time no protection I went to the doctor about it got checked up adn said I could get siphlisis If i keep my act up and she gave me a number to a therapists because I need help and my boyfriend knows about the whole story and know I feel much bettr because when I 19 he will marry me Im 16 now just turned it on June 16


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