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Hi, my name is Piper
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I Await

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By Pippiera Send DollMailSend EmailVisit WebsiteAIMYIM
Created: 2005-01-03 21:04:44 All stories by Pippiera
i am alone in this world

just me and the light

i see it every morning and i have no choice but to walk it

the light runs my life

it tells every one who i am

and brags about me when i am sad

i have no life

this light owns my life..

it keeps me from my friends when i am in need

it keeps the love of family out of my heart

i have become numb to the world

afriad of the world

this world holds nothing for me any more

for the light has takeing all it glory

the light grows to dark and i have now dark in my life

the dark trys to own my life

the dark complains about me and says i am wrong

the dark trys to controll my life

the dark is something of some knowlegde but only favores the death

the death brings the conflit and talks about things it knows nothing about

appearing in the dark fabrics of street walkers and deadly curpurter

the death has no heart

it lives on the pain of others

it has no compastion

it makes things appear worse than they are

it trys to make others look bad just for the love of the dark

it is very jealous and rude

the dark colored fabrics make many avoid it and it wonders why others ignore it

the death only finds friendship in the dark

it complains about the moon to the dark saying things that makes the moon bring eternal darkness

the moon is so big and uncareing

bringing pain to the world

giving it self to every dark walker that places it's foot upon the land

it shows no love just darkness

bringing eternal darkness to those who place there foot upon the land and yet not offered it a thing

bringing darkness to the world for not have enough to food to give to the world because of the lack of the sun

but using the suns light to bring pain in the world

curpting the star to do as the same

the star is soon to be next to the moon

the star and the death are unwanted walkers from the moon

the star is favored by the moon and finds pleasaur in the pains of others

the star is also big for it's age

getting what ever it wants

the star has no feelings and has a things for dark walkers like the moon

the star is unfair and a complainer

makeing every thing around it seem worse

trying to make people think it is smart when realy just annoying

the star makes things hard for the moon and the death and the dark

the death makes things hard for the moon and the star

the dark makes things hard for the light and yet threw this all

i sit there in the mist of all this just a mer flower in the ground awaiting the day when the light the dark the death the moon or the star will place there foot on me

i await the day they choose to crush me with there unfair thoughts

i await the day they choose to make something worse for me just to see me fail

i await the day they choose to stomp on me and make me temmble in fear

i await the day the light will stop shinny just to see what will happen

i await the day the dark will do something and light will come to hate me

i await the day the death strikes the first stone

i await the day the moon knocks me off my feet to the gravel

i await the day the star pushes me from the clift

i await the day they all choose to take me life

This was written by me.

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