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Hi, my name is Isabelle
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Hunger for blood chapter 3

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By rokkerchik92 Send DollMailSend Email
Created: 2011-04-21 01:06:39 All stories by rokkerchik92
I fumbled with the small bottles trying to put them all back in the box. I stuck the empty ones in my pocket and closed the chest with the full ones. Tempted, I took one of the full bottles and I climbed out of the hole. I put the floor boards back in place and went out into the hall just as Vanica poked her head out.

"Hey Izz. What were you doing back there?" Vanica asked.

"I for the bathroom." I lied.

"The bathroom is downstairs. I brought you something I know you'll enjoy." Vanica pulled out a large bag from behind her. The thing in it was moving and making muffled sounds.

"Wha-what's in there?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"What do you think?"

"A dog?"


"I don't know." I didn't want to say it.

"A human! Here, I'll take it out of the bag so we can eat." Vanica ripped open the bag and a human man about twenty years old fell out and flopped on the ground. His hands were behind his back, tape was on his mouth, and his ankles were tied together so he couldn't move.

"Are we...really going to...kill, him?"

"Duh, we should kill IT," Vanica emphasized "before we drink, otherwise we're killing it slowly and painfully."

"Oh, are you going to do I have to?"

"I will, but you can't turn away, you need to know how to easily kill these mortals." Vanica got down on one knee, held the man's chin with one hand and his forehead in the other. She swiftly snapped his neck and dropped him on the ground.

"Can you hear it's breathing?" Vanica asked.

"Yes, I can." I answered, shocked that I could hear such a small sound.

"If your victim is still alive after breaking the neck, you need to do this." Vanica held the mans chest with her left hand and her other on his back. She flipped his body backwards and broke his back. The man laid dead on the floor in front of me, spine and neck-bones shattered like glass. I swore to myself I would never kill prey like that, even if it did make the job easier. Suddenly Vanica stood up and looked into my eyes. She tilted her head and in a second she was right up by my face.

"Why do you smell like blood?" She asked.

"It's...from the body." I lied. I seemed to have a habit for lying.

"Are you sure it's not, this?" She held up a vial, one of the vials that was in my pocket.

"What's that?" I said stupidly.

"You know exactly what it is." Vanica paused. "Hah-hah-hah-hah!" Vanica burst out in laughter. I faked a laugh and looked at Vanica.

"I knew you would look in my room. So I hid vials under my pillow to see if you would find them. You did! Good job. Now let's eat."

I decided not to mention that I didn't find any vials under her pillow because I never looked there. But I knew she would eventually find out, but not yet. While Vanica stuffed her face into the guts of the dead man, I tip-toed back into Vanica's room and took the vials out from under her pillow and placed them in my almost full pocket. I went back out and joined Vanica in feeding on the body. The blood didn't taste near as delicious as the blood from the vials I found, but it was still favorable. The red liquid trickled down my throat and soon I was full. But still I hungered for more.

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