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Hi, my name is Chrissy
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Head in the Clouds (the tale of a dumb nut pt. 1)

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By starlightrmg Send DollMailSend EmailAIM
Created: 2006-04-15 20:47:08 All stories by starlightrmg
NOTE: ok, being one of the more sarcastic types, I write this story in my view of things. I hope no one gets offended or anything, and I hope you enjoy it.


'Another boring humid day in hot and scratchy clothes having my brain fried just after it's been squashed into a pulp' Chrissy thought and stuck her tongue out at her English teachers wide bottom. It was a scorching hot day and the teacher never opened the windows. NEVER.

On top of that Chrissy was bruised from the gymnastics they had done in gym (she wasn't known for her flexibility nor her athleticness) and sweaty and the black cotton pants and white shirt did nothing to help this matter.

Flipping her long blonde hair out of her face (she WAS rather attractive) she gazed out the classroom window at the weedy and sun-warmed patch of cement outside. A delicate string of drool was slowly making it's way down tot he desk below. 'I have got to get out of here!' Chrissy thought, holding her head in both hands. She could almost feel her brain melting. All the facts about diagramming sentences that they teacher was trying to shove down their noses and into their brains were combining into one big sloppy mess. She was suprised that it wasn't starting to come out her nose 'maybe the teacher will let me go for a Kleanix break if it does' she thought idly 'and then I can escape out the bathroom window!' this, of course was not possible because the bathroom window was about the size of a medium bathroom floor tile. She stared at her purse which was sitting on the floor next to her desk. Correction: It HAD been sitting on the floor next to her desk. Now it was levitating half way between the tile floor and Chrissy's desk. Chrissy stared at it for a full two minutes before processing it. She then poked her the girl next to her. It was her best friend Arleen. Arleen was one of those studious girls who actually take notes during such boring English classes. She turned her bespecticaled face slowly to Chrissy and snapped "what now?!" as quietly as she could

"uh, do you see my purse floating off the ground?" Chrissy asked her Arleen stared at the spot on the floor where the purse had been "no. I don't! you're just seeing things" she said in a furious whisper and went back to notetaking. Chrissy stared at her purse for a few more minutes then picked it up and opened it.

She stared in at the jumble of make-up containers, candy wrappers, lip gloss, and keys. The purse seemed a lot bigger then it did at first. She stared at the purse.

While it was supposed to be one of those purses about the size of an eight-year-olds head, it now covered her entire lap. AND it was growing bigger! Now she had to put it on her desk so it wouldn't fall off, now on the floor.... it grew so big it obscured her whole vision. Then the growing stopped. Suddenly.

She stared at the huge opening of the purse and then, being the idiotic person that she was, she stepped in.

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Member Comments  

Oregon, WI
All My Stories
Posted On: April 16, 2006
I hope you liked it, next part is coming soon!

Macarthur, PA
All My Stories
Posted On: April 15, 2006
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