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Hi, my name is Nori
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Happily Ever After?

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By becibear Send DollMail
Created: 2006-09-04 14:10:40 All stories by becibear
Nori was born in the dark, grey damp of a mid December morning. There was nobody at the birth but her mother, and even she left her and died soon after. Chances for the babe were slim. Cold, alone, crying on a forest floor. Nobody knew she was there. Nobody knew she even existed.


A few hours after Nori came kicking and screaming into the world, the forest was alive with lights and music. The fairies were celebrating the coming of Christmas, and amid their festivities, the baby watched through blurry eyes as the lights danced above her.

Suddenly, a stray speck of fairy dust caught in her eye and stung so much that she screamed and screamed. The fairies stopped dancing and watched her.

"What is that?" they asked each other in amazement.

"Let's take it to the princess!" Called out one excited young fairy, and everybody agreed.

They carried little Nori to the palace, and laid her before the princess.

"What is it? What is it?" They asked the princess excitedly.

"It is a baby!" The princess answered quickly, as she as quite knowledgable on most topics conscerning things that are alive.

"A what?" Came a shocked response.

"A baby. A young human." Said the princess. "You see unlike us, who are created from the trees and flowers, young humans are born from their mothers, and it's quite a disgusting process, so I'll refrain from explaining it to you. This is a baby human, but she shouldn't be out here without a big human to look after her."

"So what shall we do with her?"

The princess thought for a while, and then spoke slowly and clearly.

"We shall find her a big human, and help her to find her way in life. I need the four youngest of you to go with her, so you can make sure she is alright. To her you will be like dolls, and you will not be able to talk or move, but you will be able to hear and watch her as she grows."

There was a shocked hush across the palace courtyard.

"But we'll never be able to find our way back!" The youngest fairy screamed.

"This I know already." Said the princess, "But she will find us here when she is older, and she will bring you home. Jada, Lara, Keira, Mari, you have to go with her."


Sixteen years later, Nori was walking through the very same forest, and came across a glade which she felt she knew. Along the path she found a small hawthorn thicket, and knelt down to peer inside. She could have sworn she saw a glimmer of light in the recesses, but decided she had imagined it. Then she thought for a while. The dolls she had owned since she was born were in her rucksack, and she knew she was too old for them now. But maybe some young girl who believed in fairies might come along and find them?

"Now you have your very own Doll Palace." She told the dolls as she walked away.

She heard a sound behind her which she thought was the wind blowing through the leaves, but if she had listened very carefully, she would have heard the fairies welcoming back their long lost friends.

Years later, even though she was grown and had her own little children, she would think about The Doll Palace and wonder "What if I had believed in fairies?"


Member Comments  

Knoxville, TN
All My Stories
Posted On: January 4, 2007
It was ok. 4*s!

United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: September 9, 2006
It was written for the Fairy Tale Contest. Why would a fairy tale be written older?

All My Stories
Posted On: September 8, 2006
that seem a little bit young....
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