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Hi, my name is Liz-Ems
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Guess the Character! (Poem)

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By TheCookieMonster Send DollMail
Created: 2012-11-20 18:43:17 All stories by TheCookieMonster
Alright guys. To signify that I am back in action here at TDP, (hopefully this lasts more than two days this time) here is a little game that I didn't create but like to take credit for and call...

Drum roll please!

"Guess The Character!"

Creative, huh? Anyways, leave a comment so I don't feel lonely. I'll have the answer a the bottom for those who didn't find this obvious. Which will be alot. But yeah, leave a comment on how your day was, or how much you like pancakes, or how much you despise Nikki Minaj becasue she sis a desgrace of the music industry and you want to kill her sorry and inflated butt.


My pores are so large

they suffocate my face.

My nose is so long;

I can't look away.

My teeth aren't perfect;

my pants are too square.

My house is a wreck;

my job could use a spare.

My pet is so slow.

He meows the day away-

makes it hard to concentrate,

Why do I let him stay?

My best friend is an idiot,

who lives under a rock.

He has no education

and wears shorts but no socks.

The girl that I like,

has friendzoned me for ever.

I'll always be alone

for good and for ever.

My boss is a cheapstake;

who's enemy is evil.

I can't get a raise,

unlike Evil-Kinevil.

But that's not the worst,

Oh no, not yet friend,

My life is not living,

because I'm at the end.


I felt like I needed to post something of importance. Five minute poem. Can you guess what famous spongey character I wrote this about?

Come on.

You can do it.

Re read it.

Got it yet?

I hope so.

I'm going to tel you.

Guess one more time before it's too late!

It's too late,






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Posted On: December 2, 2012
aww I like this idea. it was fun.

All My Stories
Posted On: November 21, 2012
Haha, and thanks. Yeah, that was kind of a dead give away(:


United Kingdom
All My Stories
Posted On: November 20, 2012
Cool. I know it was Spongebob when it said "My pants are square."
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