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Hi, my name is Ira
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By LFR14 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-31 22:57:14 All stories by LFR14
My name is Ira. Ha, my life wasn't the greatest but it has its moments, but of course you have to die eventually. I wasn't different, or I don't think it was. Kids my age died all the time, lots of crime going on in Greece after the Trojan War. Madness, wealth, and much more could corrupt anyone. I wanted to run away from it all, escape this nightmare, but I guess when I did it didn't do much. Or it did, but I will tell you later in the story. My friends Vela and Hanna asked me and the others to go with them to look for herbs for Hanna's dad. I agreed to go, I was more excited to get away from Greece than anyone else. Hanna on the other hand, was very scared, and Vela was used to outdoor, wilderness life, so it was just another day for her. I brought lots of stuff as quick as I could. Hanna was impressed by my speed, but Vela knew I was just as agile as she was, but she was impressed because I lived in Greece than in the outside wilderness. I trained secretly to become a solider when I grew up, but my dad refused to train me himself.

"You're just a little girl!" he said almost laughing and jeering at me.

"Just you wait father, I will prove to you that I have the agility and passion to face my dreams." I said and walked out the door.

The pain to remember what he said is still lingering, but I try not to care about it much. He showed me how much he believes in me. Nothing.

We got Ellis and Shari on the way then we ventured out into the forests outside of Greece. We got tired so we made a camp, laid back for a bit, then decided to scout out some herbs. Well, Hanna, being the princess she literally is, decided after 2 minutes she was "tired" and went back to camp with her lyre. I stared at her, but I couldn't feel bad that she wanted to lay down. Her father is gravely ill, and he could die. When I was thinking about her, I heard a noise. A stampede almost coming toward us. I shouted at Vela.

"I hear something loud coming towards us. Climb the tree and look please, for you are the greatest out of all of us who can climb." I said to her.

"Of course, I'll make haste, I hear them coming closer!" she scurried quickly up into a tall tree.

It was too late. We faced Greece's worst. Titans and Underworld monsters that gotten free from their prisons. We were greatly outnumbered. Luckily, I had brought some weapons, and gave them to Shari, she was an excellent warrior, trained all the time at the main gathering halls. Ellis became scared and she passed out. I would never leave her to die basically, defenseless. I carried her, for she was my best friend. We had always been, for she was a sickly child at birth and since now. She was very lightweight so I carried her into my arms. I heard her, slightly breathing. I knew she was dying.

"Ira?" Ellis said slightly.

"Yes?" I said, trying not to cry.

"Put me down, my day has come. You were always a sister to me. You don't have to care for me any-" she stopped talking.

I bent down to feel her pulse, dead. I cried, I couldn't hold back. I lost a sister today, but I refused to give up.

"Shari!" I took out my trident I handmade with Ellis, she made it into a beautiful design.

"Let's hurry before they decide to go to Princess and Vela." Shari said looking at me as she was ready to strike.

"Foolish mortals," one of the beasts spoke to us, "Your false courage shall be your undoing, leave now, and maybe I'll spare you. Heh, maybe."

"I'll destroy you!" Shari leaped up and attacked.

The monster took his arm and slapped Shari out of the air when she was about to attack. She hit a tree hard, I didn't know what to do, but then I know what to do. Outrun them. Taunt them and run as far away so no one else gets hurt and dies.

"HEY," I screamed, "Why don't you big, fat, hideous things go crawl back to the hole you call a home!"

"Mortal, you are foolish for aggravating us!" the beasts said, as they did, they finished off Shari. She died, I couldn't take it.

"You want me! Not them! Come get me!" I shouted.

"We already finished off three of your friends, what makes YOU so tough?" they boasted.

Three? Oh no, it was either Vela or Hanna. I hoped that either one of them was safe and away from here, then I saw one of them carry a lyre. Hanna's. They murdered Hanna, Ellis, Shari, and now me. I ran as fast as I could. One of them transformed into a cheetah and chased after me. Trident in hand, I stabbed at it, missed and I tripped over a tree root.

"Thanks tree, now I'm dead." I said.

Then the tree transformed. As it did, my vision started fading. I was becoming blinded by the sight of the transformation, and the monsters came close.

This was my time, was all I was thinking then. Poof.

I woke up, stretching my body until my back popped. I looked around. Nothing but white, but I did see Ellis, Hanna, and Shari. I guess we all died.

"Ellis!" I ran towards her, and embraced her with tears and my arms around her body.

"Do not fret friend, we are safe in Olympus!" Ellis said happily.

"Olympus?" I said confused.

As I said that, the room transformed, looking like Olympus like it did in textbooks. Clouds as the floor, golden gates protecting the inside of Olympus, a big palace where the gods and goddesses themselves thrived at, and the air around us smelled of ambrosia and honey. Then I saw the great god himself, Zeus. I looked up towards him, and felt myself already bowing.

"Rise my children," Zeus said in a thunderous voice. "Where is Vela at?"

"Is she going to die too?" Hanna asked quickly.

"Yes." He said in a softer tone.

He then shows us a crystal ball, showing us what will happen to her.

"A branch off of a tree snaps, making her fall. She makes enough noise for them to hear her. With her already paralyzed in her arms and legs, she is defenseless. She breaks out of the paralysis in her arms suprisengly, grabs her bow, but is too weak, falls to the ground and-" he paused.

Out of no where, Vela appears, perfectly clean and no blood or anything.

"Here she is." He looked at her.

I couldn't look. She was our last chance, I am both sad and glad to see her, but that's it.

"Meet here after everyone is settled, we will discuss why we need you five." Zeus told us.

While the other gods and goddesses talked to the others, I went to Hermes.

"What can I do for you?" Hermes asked, "No one asked me anything since, well awhile."

"I want to train under you, I know no mortal to be able to instantly come to Olympus unless if they were a hero or a demigod or demigoddess. Why did Zeus pick us?"

"All will be answered at the meeting," Hermes said excitedly, "I will certainly train you, if you can catch up!"

"You're on!" I said.

Later at the meeting, Zeus told us all our places and why he needed us. He looked at me and said, "Ira. Your passion and agility has enough spark to light the darkest of caves. You will be able to keep your team in a positive and upbeat during your quests. We enchanted you with not only super-human abilities, but super-human speed and accuracy and evasion. We decided that since you are the most agile out of almost everyone in the group, maybe Vela and you are equal," when he said that I shook my head, "We gave you larger wings for better flight. Your trident is able to be thrown and hit any target you desire to aim for without fail. It will also come back to you!" Zeus said with a hardy laugh.

I smiled and thanked him.

"You will be blessed, after your mission with eternal youth and life in Olympus with the others. Do you accept?"

I didn't know about the offer at first, so I turned to Ellis, and she nodded to me.

"I accept!" I said happily.

I am Ira, the burning passion, the single spark that can light the darkest of caves, the agile passion that flows through my blood, will serve Zeus to defeat anyone who brings troubles to the world.

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