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Hi, my name is Hanna
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By LFR14 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-31 04:01:01 All stories by LFR14
Um. I don't know what happened. All I remember is being Hanna. Then one day, while camping with my friends, some monsters came charging at us. Vela said she was going to climb up the tree to see who it was, and then while everyone else is being killed she is no where to be found. Typical Vela. I can't blame her, I would have ran too. No, why does it sound like I hate her. Vela and me have always been friends. Let's start this story over again. My name is Hanna. I was 14 when that one day everything changed. We took a trip, me and my friends. Vela was leading us to one of her "favorite" camping spots. I wasn't too excited, being my first camping trip, or my first time being outside of Greece's borders. Yes, I'll admit, I am part of the wealthy population in Greece. All we need and ever need is in Greece, heck I probably never even remember leaving my palace. My parents were very protective. They taught me everything, although they didn't get the greatest of results. They did see me excel in music and poetry. I was playing my lyre while humming a poem I wrote, "White Lotus Bud", my parents sung this to me when I was little over and over. When they saw me humming it and playing it on the lyre, they smiled and tears came out of their eyes. One of the most happiest moments in my life. But things changed as I got older, they became more strict, and then, disaster. My dad fell into a fatal sickness. We needed herbs to cure him, but all of the herbs were out of Greece's borders. My mom refused to let me go get them, and she wasn't going to get them either. My mom was between selfish and over-protective, or both. I couldn't decide which one was worse. I decided if my mom was going to let him die because of the dirt and grim of the outside, well I mean I wasn't so excited about it either. Anyways, I quietly exited the palace. I had my lyre and my soft voice. I could basically make anyone fall asleep to my innocent voice. I ran to collect my friends, Ira, Ellis, Shari, and Vela. Since Vela was an expert of the outdoors, I decided to go to her first.

"I need your help Vela." I said.

"Oh? You're asking me for help?" Vela glanced at me while polishing a rather broken piece of wood she called a bow.

"Yes, but if its too much to ask of a peasant, I'll take my business elsewhere." I said in a sly tone.

"Whatever, what do you need? Spices, jewels, herbs?" Vela asked.

"I need herbs! Yes I need them", I cried out," My dad has fallen sick and no one is able to help him, so they are making me do all of the work, but I don't know where to go and-" Before I could finish, Vela gave me a look and said, "Okay okay, stop with the tears princess. I know where they are but we need to get the others. More reinforcements during the dark.

"Erh, thank your Vela. I don't know how to pay you or anything, so take these old sandals I can't wear anymore. If you don't like them, you can always sell them, but they are made of pure gold and leather." I threw the sandals at the ground and smiled.

"Um, thanks Hanna, but they don't look very comfortable to run in." she said, giving the sandals an evil eye, but she put them on and smiled.

So after that we went to get the others, they felt weird about the trip. Ira however was so quick to respond she ran to her house, and she was quite fast too, and got stuff that we needed. Firewood, rocks to make sparks with, knives, daggers, even a healing book! Man was I glad we had Ira.

We all made it to the spot where Vela said we could find the herbs. We looked for about a good three hours before unwelcome guests came. I grew tired so I sat back at the camp spot with my lyre, and played back, and remember that I am not the snooty wealthy girl that I and they assume me to be, I can be chilled and cool, too. But I feel like no one will like me for who I really am. Then I heard noises. I ran to the spot to see a group of monsters hurting my friends. I was too late though. I heard shouting which sounded like Vela's voice but I was too scared. I then became calm, stood with lyre in hand and my voice to sing, sung "White Lotus Bud" while I awaited my fate to happen faster than I could think. I saw a monster, fist to punch, then nothing. Nothing but a great roar, and then the king of the gods, Zeus. Did he save me? Did I die and he was saving me? What the Hades is going on, was all I was thinking.

"Hanna. Your calm and soothing voice is what we need to defeat these beasts. If you and your friends help me, I shall grant you eternal youth and life." said Zeus with no hesitation.

"Am I dead? What is this?" I asked.

"You are, but it will change if you help." he asked again in another demanding tone.

"Okay I will, but what about my father?" I asked.

"He will be fine, I can promise." he smiled. "Your lyre will be blessed by Apollo, to improve the melody that can enchant anyone and anything. You will also get beauty by Aphrodite, so you can also enchant when you don't have your lyre, and your calm personality with your lyre will make even a great war at peace! Hanna I believe in you, and your friends!

I was scared, then I believed in him, and smiled too.

I, Hanna, am the calm and collected mortal that Zeus, king of the gods need to save all of Greece.

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