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Hi, my name is Vela
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By LFR14 Send DollMail
Created: 2012-12-31 18:30:42 All stories by LFR14
My name is Vela. I was 15 when an unfortunate thing happened. I used to be a good huntress, until I took a turn for the worst. I ended up being killed during a outbreak of Greece's worst enemies escaping. Titans and ghouls from the Underworld came to Greece to seek revenge on the God's and Goddesses. They would destroy anything and everything that came in their way, and I, was no different. How am I talking to you? I'll get to that question in a bit. It was a fair summer's day, I was hunting with some of my good friends (some of their stories can be seen elsewhere) when we heard a big ruckus going about. I went to go scout it out. I am excellent in the wild, the trees are my haven. I climb, eat, sleep in them like woodland creatures. I climbed up a tree and I saw with my own eye. Them. I screamed but they did not hear me. Before I could do anything they were all dead. I was too shocked and scared to do anything, but as I tried to jump to the neighboring tree, the branch broke. A Titan with a thousand-eyes saw me falling, got a small group and walked slowly towards me, knowing my strings were to be cut by the Fates. I prayed to Zeus to spare me, the evil did not hesitate to kill me, but the gods gave mercy, for they saw my courage to try to tell my friends of the danger. This is how I am telling this story to you. I am, along with my friends are alive. The gods saw something in us, that they felt could stop the menaces from destroying Greece, or even the world. They bargained with Hades for our souls, and though it was not easy, here we are. I am not sure what exactly they exchanged with Hades, but for whatever to get regular mortals's souls with no god or goddess blood in them whatsoever, it must have been promising. They resurrected our bruised and bloody bodies, and enchanted them with the strength of a thousand Hercules. Beside super-human strength, we had super-human intellect and speed. They even gave us wings! I was still in shock and so were my friends.

"Vela, Hanna, Ira, Ellis, and Shari. You have been chosen to do a favor for the gods, in exchange for eternal life and youth. We saw your deaths, but your courage and will spoke to us. You can stop the evil. We all believe in you." said the mightiest of them all, the great Zeus.

"Vela, I have seen you are a great follower of Artemis. She cannot be here, for she is elsewhere. She wants you to have this bow. It is made of blessed Oak." Zeus said

He handed me the bow.

"Why are there no arrows?" I asked him, bowing my head because I was very grateful.

"You do not need arrows, if you believe in yourself, and focus enough, your will will become your arrows."

"Thank you." I said.

"Vela, you have the courage and will. Lead this group into victory, for Olympus!" Zeus said in a thunderous roar, along with the other gods.

"For the gods of Olympus!" my friends and I said together.

I, Vela, am the leader of the 5. I am the courage and will Zeus needs. I will succeed.

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