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Hi, my name is Rinto Kagamine
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Forbidden Love's Cruel Fate~Chapter 1~Romeo

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By Kaitoujeanne Send DollMail
Created: 2014-03-29 01:51:30 All stories by Kaitoujeanne
I woke up on a Monday morning, blinking a few times before discovering that I was awake, and I instantly reached for my glasses; without them, I couldn't see anything. I was blind, as I pushed other things off my nightstand, including: lotions, watches, crumbs, and finally finding my glasses, which I promptly put gently on my face and my sight was regained. I laid in bed for a while, not wanting to accept I had to get up, but I managed to slowly push my way off the bed. I brushed my teeth, fixed my hair in its usual short and fluffy hairdo, and then pushed the bobby pins onto my bangs so they would be out of my blue optics.

I smiled as I changed into something simple-a white shirt, black dress pants, and a yellow tie. Today was my first day, as a teacher at a high school along with my sister.

With that thought, I grabbed my phone and text her “Today's my first day of work! Do you want me to pick you up?"

She text back, “Yeah, no dur, it's my first day too. I have my own car.”

I chuckled at my sister's response, sliding my phone into my pocket as I grabbed an orange to eat, and I gently peeled it and walked to my car. Hopping into the driver's seat, there was no room for error. I took a deep breath as I drove to my place of work, a school called Winterhaven. It wasn't even winter- it was still the summer, as it was August.

A short and uneventful drive later, I parked in the parking lot, getting out, and promptly walking to my classroom without hesitation.

I sat down in my desk, and decided to use my powers. Yes, I had powers- I was a telekinetic, and it was common for people like me to have those powers. I picked up an orange marker using my mind. Writing on the white board:

"Hello! Welcome to my class, I am Mr. Kagamine."

My mind had better handwriting than my own hands. Weird, but I chuckled at it. I decided to brew a cup of coffee, because well, why not?

Standing outside my door, taking sips of my steaming hot coffee, when a bright young lady came running towards me. I smiled to say hello, but before I could, she crashed into me. Causing my hands to let go of my coffee.

I saw the brown liquid spill all over her, and I gasped. “Oh my, are you alright?" Spilling coffee on a student on my first day at work-real classic, Rinto.

The girl bit back a scream, and I could see it in her magenta eyes that she was suffering. I yelped, saying " Oh my!"

Before rushing back into my classroom, looking frantically around for napkins. My eyes met with some on my desk-thank god. I ran back out, a handful of napkins in my left hand. I crouched near her trembling body, using the napkins to wipe the burning coffee off of her stomach and torso.

I looked at her, saying worriedly..."Oh, no...I’m sorry...” I started to panic, thinking, "First day and I spill coffee all over my embarrassing..." I helped her to her feet, and I looked into her eyes. "S-sorry!"

She shook her head, "It’s my fault," her cheeks were still pinkish, and thought that was a bit weird. "Thank you," she said, and I couldn't help but smile at her quiet and timid voice, like mine.

I looked at the time and muttered, "I'll have to make it up to you, but you should probably go change...classes will start soon," I told her, sighing.

"Don't worry about it," she insisted and started for the dorms.

I waited a bit before saying, “Wait! What's your name?" She turned, her feet rooted to the spot, and she said:


Right then she ran off, leaving me to walk back into my classroom, as students began to take their places, sitting in desks. I walked to the front of the class to introduce myself.

“Hello class, and welcome to your first day of high school. I am Mr. Kagamine, your teacher." I said, then added “Now I'll be taking roll. Cana Lupis?" I started out, and the corresponding student would reply with a short and simple “Present." I went down the list, saying “Niall Mcdallas? Joey Anderson? Kaito Shion? Meiko Sakine? Caroline Cruger? Jared Famigletti?" All of my students seemed to be here, except one. Aria Yukimi, so it seemed. Could that be the girl?

I looked into the eyes of my students and said softly, “That is strange, I saw her just a few minutes ago...she was just here?"

I walked out, to the sight of that same girl-Aria-sitting smack-dab, right there. I smiled, adjusting my glasses, and said “Oh, there you are. Come on in, you wouldn't want to miss your first day." She stood up and followed me, and sat down next to one of my other students.

“RINTO, I DIDN'T KNOW YOU WORKED HERE!" A loud and annoying voice called out, and a certain teal-haired male burst into my classroom,...not...wearing...a shirt. He grabbed me by my feminine hips-yes, I admit I wasn't very masculine-and smiled. I recognized this man as my co-employee, ex-boyfriend, adopted brother, childhood friend, and everything else. He touched his lips to mine for what seemed forever, than pulled away.

I heard Aria say “Are they dating?" And my ears perked up, and I whipped around.

“Class, let me introduce me to my...childhood friend and fellow teacher, Mikuo Hatsune." I said softly, remembering that in English the first name came before the last name, and I added, "Mikuo, go teach your class, I'm in the middle of mine," sighing and grumbling, not in the most pleasant mood.

Mikuo ignored my request, and once again pulled me close to him. "Rinto, am I not sexy enough for you?"

My face turned a shade of red. Geez, why did my friends have to embarrass me like this? I bit my lip as he then proceeded to grab me from behind, picking me up from the ground.

I struggled and managed to land an attack right between his legs, causing him to drop me, but that didn't stop him from once again picking me up and dragging me out of my own classroom. I barely managed to mutter, “Class dismissed!" As the bell rang.

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Deland, FL
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Posted On: April 11, 2014

All My Stories
Posted On: April 10, 2014
How cool!

Irving, TX
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Posted On: April 3, 2014
Cute story!
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