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Hi, my name is Aria Yukimi
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Forbidden Love's Cruel Fate~Chapter 1~Cinderella

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By Kaitoujeanne Send DollMail
Created: 2014-03-28 00:49:56 All stories by Kaitoujeanne
My mom's name was Arina Yukimi, at least that's what I have learned. My name has always been Aria Yukimi, that's what I know. I have only even really known the basement of the orphanages and loneliness that remains strong. Passed around from one family to another because of my curse. Someone hurt, or someone dies, I feel the loss twice. Seeing it when no one believes me and watching it happen right before my eyes. The last family I was at her daughter died in an accident and I soon after requested to come to the only place I could run to. The academy, I was 16, the academy would get me gone till I could be free to live on my own, I didn't need parents. I didn't want them. They sent me over here so I would be out of their hair. This is when my story began.

It was only the first day of school and I was running down the hall to find my class. I am a girl who gets lost all too easily and can never find her way. However I ran to my first period not knowing where I was going and tripped into him. His eyes were a gentle blue of the sky, and his blond hair was held up with bobby pins. He was more feminine that any guy I ever knew and just as much of a klutz as I. I tripped there knocking the steaming coffee out of his hand and on to my clothes. Blushing hard, I looked up to gaze into his eyes, too hypnotized to scream or move from the stinging burn of coffee.

He looked at me in surprise, "Oh, no...I’m sorry" he starts to panic and grabs some napkins, "first day and I spill coffee all over my student. How embarrassing" he smiled at me, he helped me to my meet

"S-sorry" I shook my head, "It’s my fault" My cheeks were still pinkish, and he probably thought I was weird, "thank you."

He looked at the time and muttered, "I'll have to make it up to you, but you should probably go change...classes will start soon," he told me.

"Don't worry about it," I insisted and started for the dorms.

"Wait!" he called after me causing me to halt and gaze at the teacher. He was oddly only inches taller than me, short for a teacher sense I am as well unusually small for my age. He finally asked me, "What's your name?"

"Aria," was my simple response before running off to my dorm room.

Quickly, I got changed into one of my favorite outfits, with my hair as always coned up at my sides in yellow bows, my pink blouse with a bow centered ribbon and white ruffles under and at the bottom, along with the usual only capri's that ruffled at the bottom, with another blue bow just as the pale light blue helped it blend the two. The carpi’s going only just below the knees and my daily shoes tinny shoes. Just after dressing, I ran back to the school.

However after halls of search I gave in to the logic that I was completely lost, Language Arts? I look around down the halls. The bell already rang twice and I was beyond just late. With that, I gave up trying to find my class and sat outside by the door uncertain,

"My first day and I'm missing class...” she frowned to herself.

Meanwhile, in Language Arts class, the teacher was calling roll. He stumbled upon the name Aria Yukimi and searched around the room till he didn't see her.

"That is strange, I saw her just a few minutes ago. She was just here?" he looked at the class and to the door, "Did she get lost?" he walked to the door, "Wait right here class." He stepped into the hall.

I raised my head to see him, the teacher from this morning, "It’s you," I whispered, and he helped me to my feet again.

"You're in my class right?" he smiled, "Come on don't want to miss your first day."

With that I walked in to class and to a seat that seemed to be distant from the others, a seat by some buy, he had strange black hair and an expression that said distant, "Hi I'm Aria." She spoke happily through her embarrassment of being late.

"I am Niall" was his simple response, his attitude cool and kind of dull as far as personality went. He didn't seem to show much of any emotion however she decided to become his friend.

The teacher finished roll call and was just about to introduce himself when-Boom! The teal-haired teacher burst through the door completely shirtless, his abs were, well, unique and his personality was…full-of-himself. That was only the beginning though.

He ran into the classroom hugging the blond teacher half to death, "Rinto, I didn't know you taught here!" he grinned and looked over at the students before kissing Rinto dead smack on the lips, right in front of the class.

My eyes widened as she watched the teacher, "Are they dating?" I flinched, my heart sinking as she watched the teachers.

Rinto tried to push him away, and rolled his eyes at the teal-haired “No, we're not dating. Go teach your class, Mikuo."

Mikuo picked Rinto up and started to kidnap him while he struggled before kicking him in man's biggest weakness, right between the legs, having Mikuo forced to let him go.

Just afterward, he turned to the muttering students beginning the rumors, "Students, please ignore him we are not dating and I am straight." he spoke sternly flashing a look at Mikuo before smiling again, "Let me introduce you to my childhood friend Mikuo Hatsune." he spoke remembering that in English the first name comes first.

Mikuo smiled, "Oh, but Rinto, come on...aren't I sexy enough for you?" he said flashing himself to the students, and clinging again to Rinto, "Don't lie to them. We are to dating...”

"Don't you have a class to go to?" he pushed him away again, "I have to teach so stop bothering me."

I myself was left blinking at this in confusion. The two got along so well, Rinto, why did he have to be so hot? He seemed to already have someone, he was already dating. She frowned and looked at Niall, "Do you think they really are dating?"

Niall simple shrugged in uncertainty. While Mikuo took hold of Rinto, throwing him over his shoulder and walked out of class with the teacher. Thus, class was dismissed.

All I could do was stare blankly while my first crush was in the hands of a male, the same male that was his childhood friend, were they really dating? Was this really alright? "Rinto...”

To Be Continued...

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Posted On: April 10, 2014
really good
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