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Hi, my name is Florrie
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Flowers and Chocolates:Chapter 5

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By qtpiekmp Send DollMail
Created: 2007-10-08 18:56:57 All stories by qtpiekmp
August 1, 1902

In the carriage, riding to the train station

Dear Diary,

I didn't know that this would be my last visit with my grandmother. I'm terribly sad, devestated. She died 3 days ago from old age, for she was very old, 100 years old to be exact. My mother and father came to get me 2 days before she died, and we had a family funeral including Henry and his wife Rhonda. She too thinks of me as her daughter she never had.

Boy, I miss her so much! She didn't act her age, for she was very lively. Her funeral was yesterday, and it was very beautiful. My parents had brought a box of Belgian chocolates with them, to surprise her.

But those two days when they were here, grandmother never spoke, only slept. The only time she spoke was when she said, right before she died, that she loved everyone, especially me, goodbye. And she fell into a deep sleep, and didn't wake up. So the box of chocolates never were opened.

Before she was buried, I picked 100 white lilies, each one for every year of her life. And I took the box of chocolates, and put them in her hands, and I put 12 white lilies in her hand too, for when her father first gave them to her. The rest I put in the coffin. And when I was finished, I thought I saw her smile. I bent down and gave her a hug, and when I looked up, I saw a ghost of her. She said she loved me, and that she will miss me, and she will always be with me, and never to worry. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life. My parents and Henry and Isabell must have seen her to, because when I looked to them, their mouths' were hanging open.

We buried her in the white lily valley. Her tomb stone was solid gold, and there were lilies draped on it. She was buried right in the middle of her white lilie valley, right where she wanted to be. This is what her tombstone said:

Florence Elaina O'Hara


May the Lord be with you

This valley is dedicated to Florence Elaina O'Hara and Florence Elaina O'Kelly, the best of friends, and namesakes

May they never be forgotten

I know what she said to me was true, because I've always felt that she was with me. I wondered why we didn't clean out her house, but I stopped when my parents said that we were going back to get our things and move in! I was so excited! I am still! Now I can be with her forever, and be buried right next to her in our white lilie garden. And the same with my grandchildren.

Flowers and chocolates are wonderful things, especially if you have someone to share them with.


Florence "Florrie" Elaina O'Kelly

.......................................................................................... ................

Well, that's it for this series! I hope you like them! Please rate and comment! Wasn't that a sweet story? I love it, and I hope you do too! Please tell all your friends about this series, to please read, rate, and comment! Thank you!

©Qtpiekmp 2007

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